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7 Best SUP Electric Pumps of 2024

best sup electric pumps 2021

Want to inflate your paddle board without lifting a finger? Let a SUP electric pump do the hard work for you. 

Most paddle boards come with a manual pump. Manual pumps are fine for occasional use, but if you paddle board regularly or you have a family of boards to inflate, you’ll want to invest in an electric pump.

I’ve field tested the most popular pumps on the market to help you pick one that’s just right for you. The OutdoorMaster Shark II came out top, though it wasn’t the fastest pump in my test.

Read on to find out more.


Quick Summary

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top paddle board pumps. Or scroll down to see our full list with in-depth reviews.


iRocker SUP Pump

Best Overall Pump

Fast, compact pump that can be charged using a 12V battery or a car plug-in charger.

Pair it with the optional iRocker portable battery for remote use.


Outdoor Master Shark II

Best “Money No Object”

The Shark II is a well-made pump that inflates and deflates boards quickly. Its active cooling system prevents the pump from overheating and inflates up to 4 boards without cooldown.

If you can afford it, the Shark II really is the best SUP electric pump in the world.


Sevylor Pump

Best Budget Pump

Great value and a fast pump, especially at the price.

However, it’s loud and may not be as durable. Still a solid choice if you only paddle board occassionally.

How I Tested These Pumps 

For the field test, I used an Atoll 11′ inflatable SUP, and I inflated the board twice with each pump.

The results for each pump were within seconds of each other. Check the comparison table below for the test scores for each SUP pump.

Keep in mind that the Atoll is an all-around paddle board that is 11′ in length, 32″ in width, and 6″ thick. Your board will most likely have a different size or a different shape and a different volume. So your board may take longer or shorter to inflate.

SUP Pumps Comparison Table

Best Overall

Outdoor Master Shark II

Outdoor Master Shark II

Fast, Sturdy Pump With a Unique Cooling System

The Shark II is a well-made pump that can be used with almost any paddle board. It inflates and deflates boards quickly, and its cooling system prevents the pump from overheating.

It can only be charged from a vehicle.

Test time7:47

Most Portable

iRocker SUP Electric Pump

iRocker SUP Electric Pump

Compact Pump Powered by Battery or Car Charger

A fast, compact pump that can be charged using a 12V battery or a car plug-in charger. Pair it with the iRocker portable battery for remote charging!

May not be compatible with all paddle boards.

Test time7:52

Best Budget Pump

Sevylor Pump

Sevylor Pump

Fast Pump At a Budget Price

The Sevylor was the fastest pump in my test and one of the cheapest. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great pump if you’re on a budget.

It’s loud and you can’t use it to deflate.

Test time6:52


Seamax SUP20D

Seamax SUP20D

Average Pump With Good Compatibility

While the Seamax SUP20D didn’t excel in my speed test, it did a decent job of inflating the board. It’s compatible with most SUPs and can be run off a car adapter or battery.

Bulky and slower to inflate than other models.

Test time8:55


Nixy Ventus

Nixy Ventus

Portable Pump with a Handy Carry Bag

A well-made pump with plenty of nozzles for inflating different watercraft. It comes in a sturdy carry bag and you can charge it from the Nixy power pack for ultimate portability.

Slower to inflate than other pumps.

Test time9:15


Seamax SUP20S

Seamax SUP20S

Lightweight Pump With Some Durability Concerns

A lightweight, cheap pump that comes with multiple nozzles and O-rings to fit any board.

Very slow to inflate. Quality is a bit hit-or-miss.

Test time13:00


Thurso Surf

Thurso Surf

Durable Pump With Some Limitations

Sturdy and durable, the Thurso Surf does a decent job of inflating and deflating iSUPs. I love that it comes in a carry case—with a shoulder strap!

It’s expensive and may not work with all boards.

Test timen/a

Preliminary Conclusions

The test results are clear, the Sevylor is the cheapest and fastest pump tested. However, as I’ll discuss further down this page, I have some concerns about the durability of this pump and especially about the connection between the pump and the hose.

The Outdoor Master Shark II is the second-fastest pump. Although it is slower than the Sevylor air pump, it is well-made and sturdy. You can tell that it will last a long time. I love its unique cooling system which prevents it from overheating. You can inflate up to three paddle boards in a row. 

The iRocker stand up paddle board pump is about as fast as the Shark II. It features a fast inflate and deflate function to save you time and effort. The electric SUP pump has a compartment that houses the power cord, making it more compact. 

The iRocker pump is a great option for paddlers who travel a lot with their inflatable paddle boards. It can fit in most iSUP bags. With the optional rechargeable battery, you can even take this electric pump with you on your hiking trips and SUP in remote locations.

How Do You Choose A Better SUP Pump?

Read on for my reviews of these SUP electric pumps. But first, how do you choose a better SUP pump?

Most inflatable standup paddleboards come with hand pumps – which are great and convenient. Using a manual hand pump is not that difficult and it will only take you 5-10 minutes before your board is fully inflated.

For someone who goes paddling every once in a while for leisure, the manual pump may be just something to get your heart racing and ready for the water. A dedicated SUPer will find it exhausting to spend time and energy inflating their board when all they want to do is get on the water and SUP away.

irocker full throttle manual pump 2021

So what should you do?

If the pump that came with your paddle board doesn’t work for you. You basically have two options:

1. You could get yourself a better manual pump. For instance, have a look at the iRocker Full Throttle. This latest generation dual-chamber triple-action hand pump has an integrated pressure gauge and is 50% easier to use and inflates 100% faster than the average dual-action manual pump.

2. Or you could buy a SUP electric pump.

Electric pumps make your work easier as they save you both time and energy. In this review, I discuss the most popular and highest rated SUP electric pumps currently available.

SUP Electric Pump Reviews

Read on for my reviews:

1. OutdoorMaster Shark II – Best Electric Paddle Board Pump

outdoor master electric air pump for paddle boards Pin
outdoor master shark ii

The OutdoorMaster Shark II is my top choice when it comes to electric air pumps. With its nice compact design, you can bring it with you wherever you go. 

Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Valve Compatibility

The Outdoor Master pump has been succesfully used with boards from the following brands: Advanced Elements, Atoll, Blackfin, Bluefin, Dynamo, Fanatic, Gili, Hero, Hydro-Force, iRocker, Nautical, Nixy, Peak, Redpaddle, ROC, and Thurso.

With the complete set of nozzles and three 0-rings to adjust the depth of the commonly used Halkey Roberts valve, it should be compatible with all the major inflatable paddle board brands.

The Shark II can also be used with your kayaks, boats, and air mattresses as well. 



The OutdoorMaster electric air pump inflated my demo board in under 8 minutes. It also deflates in a minute or less. 

This electric inflatable paddle board pump can inflate up to 20 psi. 


The paddle board pump has a digital display and an auto-off function. All you have to do is set the psi and let the electric pump do the rest.

Power Details

The OutdoorMaster Shark II plugs into your vehicle’s 12V DC connector. 

What I Like
  • Well-made and sturdy: You can feel the quality of the Shark II when you use it. This is a pump that will handle regular use for a number of years.
  • Fast to inflate and deflate: The Shark II got the second spot in my speed tests, inflating my board in under 8 minutes.
  • Unique cooling system: Overheating is a common cause of pump failure. The Shark II’s active cooling system helps prevent this.
  • Full set of nozzles: You can use the Shark II to inflate almost any iSUP.
What I Don’t Like
  • Can only charge from the car: The Shark II doesn’t come with alligator clips, so you can’t connect it directly to your car’s battery.

Check Price of the OutdoorMaster Shark II

2. iRocker SUP Electric Pump – Best Portable Pump for SUP

irocker sup pump Pin

The iRocker SUP pump features a cord storage compartment in its body. This gives it a compact design and the pump will easily fit in your paddle board bag. You should check it out if you love traveling with your SUP board.

irocker sup pomp

Valve Compatibility

The iRocker air pump is compatible with most paddle boards, including all iRocker, Nautical, and Blackfin boards. 

The pump comes with two 0-rings to adjust the depth of the valve. This should guarantee a perfect fit with inflatable boards of all the major companies.


This inflatable SUP electric pump will inflate and deflate your paddle board. 

It is the third-fastest SUP air pump on this list and does the job in a little under 8 minutes. 

During the first stage of inflating your board, this electric pump is very quiet. During the second stage, it’s as loud as most other electric pumps.


Like all the other top electric paddle board pumps, the iRocker portable pump has an auto shut-off function. It will automatically stop once the desired psi level is reached. 

Power Details

The iRocker electric SUP pump connects through a car cigarette lighter or alligator clips direct to a 12V battery. 

If you don’t expect to have your car when going paddle boarding, you may want to check out the iRocker electric pump battery. This way, you can power your electric SUP air pump anywhere, anytime. 

What I Like
  • Compatible with a 12V battery: If you don’t want to use your car’s cigarette lighter, you can connect the iRocker pump to the iRocker portable battery or any 12V battery.
  • Fast inflation: The iRocker pump was just 5 seconds slower than the OutdoorMaster Shark II in my test.
  • Quieter than other pumps: This pump was really quiet to begin with, though it did get louder toward the end.
  • Compact and lightweight: The power cord is stored in the body of the pump, and it’s compact enough to fit in most SUP bags.
  • Great value: While not the cheapest pump, the iRocker is great value for money.
What I Don’t Like
  • May not be compatible with all boards: The iRocker pump has an Halkey Roberts valve, used by most major brands, and comes with two 0-rings to adjust the depth for an air-tight seal. But check whether your board uses this connection.

Check Price of the iRocker SUP Pump

3. Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Pump Review- Best Budget Electric Pump

sevylor electric paddle board pump Pin

The Sevylor 12V Psi Pump is a multipurpose pump that inflates not only your board but also airbeds, boats, towables among other inflatables. Using the pump is straightforward, whether you have used an electric SUP pump before or not.

Valve Compatibility

Like most of the electric pumps that have been reviewed above, the Sevylor 12V 15 psi SUP pump has adapters to make it compatible with as many valves as possible.


It inflates up to 15 Psi which makes it perfect for SUPs. It inflates at a high pressure until your iSUP is as rigid as it can be. The Sevylor is the fastest electric air pump in the test and inflated my demo board in a little under 7 minutes.


There is a digital display that lets you choose the Psi limit. After selecting the limit, switch it on and it will automatically shut off when your board is inflated.

Power Details

It works when connected to a 12V cigarette lighter plug.

What I Like
  • Fastest to inflate: The Sevylor was by far the fastest pump in my test, inflating my test board in under 7 minutes.
  • Good budget buy: This pump is half the price of most others in this review. If you’re willing to overlook its flaws, you can save yourself a chunk of cash!
  • Heavy-duty extension hose: The Sevylor pump now comes with two hoses. Make sure you use the heavy-duty high-pressure hose to inflate your SUP!
  • Multiple adapters: The pump comes with valves for various inflatable objects. To get a precise fit, use the O-ring that comes with the hand pump for your paddle board.
What I Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t deflate: You can’t use the Sevylor pump to deflate your paddle board.
  • Noisy: If you want to hold a conversation while inflating your board, you may need to step a few meters away!
  • Durability concerns: Although the issue with the hose has now been resolved, this pump doesn’t always stand up to the test of time.

Check Price of the Sevylor Pump

4. Seamax SUP20D Double Stage Electric SUP Pump Review

Seamax SUP Intelligent Double Stage Electric Pump

The Seamax SUP20D comes with a number of cool and impressive features. Although it’s a little slower, it is sturdy and long-lasting, thanks to its marine-grade engineered ABS construction. 

Valve Compatibility

The Seamax works for inflatables with the Bravo, Halkey Roberts (HR), Naru and similar air valves. Make sure you get the best O ring size for an airtight connection.


This powerful pump inflates to a maximum of 20 PSI in two stages. In the first stage, it works at a speed of 350 l/min and 70 l/minute in the second stage. The Seamax inflated my 11′ demo SUP board in a little under 9 minutes.


Of course, the Seamax Double Stage is automated. It has a backlit LED display so you can set the desired pressure. It stops pumping when the set pressure is reached.

Thermal sensor

Overheating is the major cause of SUP pumps breaking. The internal temperature sensor of the Seamax SUP20D prevents your pump from overheating and turns the pump off when it gets too hot.

Power Details

The Seamax SUP pump connects to a 12V cigarette lighter or car battery. The cigarette lighter connector comes with a built-in 12A fuse.

What I Like
  • Internal temperature sensor: Overheating can cause your pump to break. The Seamax SUP20D has a thermal sensor that turns the pump off if it’s running too hot.
  • Compatible with a 12V battery: You can run the SUP20D off your car battery or a 12V battery.
  • Can inflate most paddle boards: The pump is compatible with the HR valves used in most SUPs and has 3 sized O-rings to ensure an air-tight connection.
What I Don’t Like
  • Hard to pack: The Seamax doesn’t come with a carry case and the protruding handle means you can’t pack it in your paddle board bag.
  • Slow to inflate: Clocking in at just under 9 minutes, the Seamax was significantly slower than other pumps.

Check Price of the Seamax SUP20D

5. Nixy Ventus

nixy ventus pump

Nixy Sports don’t just make amazing paddle boards. They are also known for their quality inflatable paddle board electric pumps. The Nixy Ventus would be great for you if you want an electric air pump that can inflate multiple boards. 

Valve Compatibility

The Ventus high-pressure pump comes with seven valve adapters and will work with all types of inflatable boards and even other inflatable products. 


This pump inflated my demo board in less than 10 minutes. It inflates to a maximum pressure of 20 psi. 

The electric pump has an active cooling system that prevents it from overheating as well as a deflate function.  


This Nixy pump has a digital LCD display and an adjustable auto-shutoff function. 

Power Details

You can connect the Ventus electronic pump via a cigarette lighter or alligator clips. 

The optional Power Pack allows you to power your Nixy pump when you don’t have access to your car. 

What I Like
  • Cooling system: The active cooling system stops the pump from overheating and lets you inflate multiple boards in a row.
  • Carry bag included: The Ventus comes with a robust carry bag to keep the pump and accessories together.
  • Charge from portable power pack: You can charge the pump from a car adaptor or 12V battery. Nixy’s lightweight power pack is a more portable charging option.
  • 7 nozzles: Charge your paddle board, kayak, dingy, and other inflatables with multiple nozzles for different valves.
What I Don’t Like
  • Slow to inflate: The Nixy was slower than other models, taking just over 9 minutes to inflate the test board.

Check Price of the Nixy Ventus pump

6. Seamax SUP20S Intelligent SUP Pump Review

Seamax Intelligent SUP electric Pump

The Seamax SUP20S Intelligent pump is a digital pump set to make the process of inflating your iSUP smooth. Besides being small and lightweight, this pump is durable. The manufacturers have used high-quality marine-grade materials to enable it to withstand constant use.

Valve Compatibility

The Seamax Intelligent electric pump is compatible with Halkey-Roberts (HR), Bravo and similar air valves. This means that it is compatible with almost all the iSUPs in the market.


This pump can inflate up to 20 PSI within 15 minutes. It inflates your inflatable in a single high-pressure stage to the maximum air pressure. The Seamax inflated my 11′ demo board in 13 minutes.


The pump has an LCD display. It allows you to set the pressure and go on about your business. The pump will stop pumping when the set pressure is reached.

Power Details

This pump can be connected to a 12V cigarette lighter or car battery.

What I Like
  • Small and lightweight: This is the lightest pump I tested and it’s very compact.
  • Low cost: The SUP20S is the cheapest pump in this review. It’s great value for money – if it doesn’t break.
  • Multiple nozzles: The pump comes with multiple nozzles and 3 sizes of O-ring to ensure an air-tight connection.
What I Don’t Like
  • Very slow to inflate: This was by far the slowest of the pumps I tested, taking 13 minutes to inflate my board.
  • No deflation mode: You can’t use the SUP20S to deflate your board.
  • Not very reliable: While some customers have had no issues with the pump, there are plenty of reports of the pump failing when relatively new.

Check Price of the Seamax SUP20S

7. Thurso Surf SUP Electric Pump

thurso surf pump

This is another great electric pump from a well-known paddle board company. The Thurso Surf electric air pump saves you the time and effort you spend manually pumping your stand up paddle board. 

Valve Compatibility

The Thurso SUP pump will work with all Thurso inflatable boards and any iSUP with the Halkey-Roberts valve. 


This electric pump was not included in our test, but according to the manufacturer, this inflatable electric air pump fills up a board in about 10 minutes. The Thurso pump can inflate up to 15 psi and also has a deflate function.


The electric air pump will stop once the set psi level is reached. 

Power Details

The Thurso Surf stand up paddle board air pump connects using a cigarette lighter or alligator clips. 

What I Like
  • Durable construction: The Thurso Surf is a rugged, sturdy pump that’s clearly been designed for durability.
  • Carry bag for portability: The pump and accessories come in a carry bag equipped with a shoulder strap for ease of transport.
  • Inflates and deflates:The Surf wasn’t included in my speed test, but Thurso suggests the pump should fully inflate a board in under 10 minutes.
What I Don’t Like
  • Premium price: The Thurso is one of the more expensive pumps.
  • Not guaranteed to work with all boards: The pump is designed for Thurso boards. It may fit other boards with a HR valve, but this isn’t guaranteed.
  • No LCD screen: You set the desired pressure using a manual dial. This works, but I’d expect something a bit more high-tech given the price.

Check Price

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Electric Paddle Board Pump for Your SUP

Every manufacturer hypes their product and you can easily get confused if you don’t know what to look for. 

So here is everything you need to know. 

Do You Really Need an Electric Paddle Board Pump?

Well, you wouldn’t be reading this guide if you didn’t think you need one, would you? The manual pumps that come with inflatable paddle boards are okay. Some of them are actually pretty good. 

But manually pumping your SUP is still a workout, even with a good hand pump. It is not something you look forward to, especially if you have to inflate multiple boards. 

Electric pumps are fast and all you have to do is connect the pump and set a psi level. You can then relax and wait a few minutes to take your fully inflated paddle board to the water. No stress. 

What to Look for When Buying an Inflatable Paddle Board Pump 

1. SUP Compatibility

For an electric pump to work with your SUP, it has to be compatible with the SUP’s valve. 

Manufacturers usually indicate the SUP brands or valve types that the pump is compatible with. 

If you have multiple inflatable products, you may want to get a pump that comes with a set of different nozzle attachments. 

2. Inflation Stages and Speed

You can either get a dual-stage or a single-stage pump. 

A dual-stage electric pump has two inflation stages. It has the first stage which is high-speed and the second stage which is low-speed. The second slow and final stage reduces the risk of overinflating your paddle board. 

A single-stage SUP air pump only inflates a SUP in one stage.

A dual-stage pump may, thus, be safer.

Speed is also another important factor. There are slow electric paddle board pumps out there. So while you won’t get tired inflating your SUP, the process may take longer than it would have with a hand pump. 

Most of the electric SUP pumps discussed here will fill up your stand up paddle board in 10 minutes or less. 

3. Deflation

Deflating a SUP paddle board isn’t hard but an electric pump will speed up the process. So you may want to consider an air pump with a deflate function.

4. Price

Most SUP pumps will do the job so you don’t need to get the most expensive one. 

If you still want a fancy model but don’t have the money, wait for end-of-season or holiday sales. 

Some manufacturers may also offer a discount if you buy the air pump together with your paddle board. I know iRocker does that and it’s a good deal.

5. Power

As you may have noticed from the reviews above, most pumps will rely on your car battery for power. This is not a problem if you always travel to the SUP location in your car. 

If this is not the case for you, a SUP pump with a rechargeable battery may be the better option. 

Alternatively, you can buy a battery for your electric pump separately. The iRocker and Nixy Ventus electric paddle board pumps have that option. 

6. Other Features

The length of the inflation hose varies from one pump to another and it is usually indicated along with other specifications. The hose should easily reach your SUP even when using the car cigarette lighter. 

Some electric paddle board pumps come with a carrying bag while others don’t. This is another factor you may want to consider if it is important to you. 

Important Tips for Electric SUP Pumps

a. Don’t Overinflate Your stand up paddle board

Every paddle board has a recommended psi limit. The more you inflate a SUP, the more rigid it will be. But exceeding the limit may cause damage to your board. 

Only inflate up to the indicated psi limit.  

b. Use a Landing Mat or Tarp

When using your electric pump, avoid placing it on concrete, sand, and other rough surfaces. Dirt may get in and jam the motor. The pump could also get scratched. 

c. Lift the Air Valve First

When the air valve is up, that is the closed position and when it is pressed down, that is the open position. This is the case for most SUPs. 

Having it in the up position prevents your paddleboard from losing air when you remove the hose after inflating. 

d. Be Careful When Inflating Several Boards

Some electric SUP pumps have a cooling system and you can inflate two or more boards in a row. The OutdoorMaster is one such pump. 

With other models, it is best to let them cool first before you go on to the next board. If you notice that your pump feels hot, take a break. 


What Is a SUP Pump?

A SUP pump is simply a pump for inflating (and deflating) a paddle board. It could be manual or electric.

Can You Use Any Pump for a Paddle Board?

No, you can’t use any pump to inflate a paddle board. Most pumps can’t reach the pressure needed to inflate a SUP. Usually somewhere around 15 psi. And your pump has to be compatible with your paddle board’s valve.

Are All SUP Pumps the Same?

Not really. Stand up paddle board pumps come in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

But many SUP pumps are compatible with most inflatable paddleboard brands

Can You Overinflate a SUP?

Yes, it is possible to overinflate a paddle board and this may damage it. Be careful not to exceed the psi limit recommended by the manufacturer.

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If you want to save all your energy for paddle boarding, then you definitely need an electric air pump. 

The OutdoorMaster Shark II is lightweight, yet powerful. It is the second-fastest air pump on the list and it is well made. I love its cooling system and the fact that you can inflate three SUPs in a row. 

The iRocker paddle board pump is a great compact option for the paddler who loves to travel. It also came third in the speed test. I like that it has an inflate and deflate function. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to check out the Sevylor SUP pump. It is the cheapest and fastest–which is honestly amazing. 

Do you have any questions about electric SUP pumps? Feel free to ask us below. 

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  1. Are there any SUP electric pumps that do not only run off of a cigarette lighter? I’d like to inflate my board at my house and walk it down to the lake. Every pump seems to run only off a cigarette lighter, this is frustrating

    • Hi Josh, that is a good question. I don’t have specific products to recommend, but I’ve seen people use air compressors for this. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Josh,

      Depending on your iSUP manufacturing quality, you can keep it inflated for extended periods of time. You don’t have to deflate it everytime you get out of the water.

  2. I bought a 240VC – 12VDC transformer / adapter for my cool box with a standard 13A 3 pin plug for the mains and it has a Cigarette style socket ( same as a car socket) which allows me to use the pump via the mains .

  3. If you do this test again next year, I’d really like to know about the noise levels of the various pumps. My current pump is obnoxiously loud. I would happily pay extra for a quieter pump and I don’t mind if it takes a little longer. Maybe I’m weird that way?