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About SUP Scout

Welcome to SUP Scout, the ultimate resource for beginner paddle boarders seeking advice, tips, and in-depth stand up paddle board reviews. Our hands-on reviews, how-to articles, and guides are designed to answer all your paddle boarding questions.

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Mission Statement

Our mission at SUP Scout is to make paddle boarding accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We tackle questions on SUP techniques, safety, suitability for kids, and equipment choices, ensuring that you have a fantastic time on the water.

Our Story

Our website was founded in 2016 by David De Haan, a lifelong water sports enthusiast, under the name Stand Up Paddle Boards Review. With the rise in popularity of stand up paddle boarding, we became one of the leading paddle board websites on the internet. In 2023, we rebranded to SUP Scout, where we continue to help hundreds of thousands of beginning paddle boarders embrace the joy of stand up paddle boarding each year.

Our founder, David De Haan, reviewing a paddle board.

Word from our Founder

Hi! My name is David De Haan, and I’m the proud creator of this site. My passion for the water began in childhood, with countless hours spent fishing, boating, rafting, and later on, embracing activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing.

There’s a unique calmness I find in stand-up paddle boarding. No matter the stress of the week, gliding across a serene lake or navigating a canal on my SUP board is my perfect escape.

What sets paddle boarding apart for me is its independence from the wind, unlike sailing or windsurfing. Plus, standing above the water gives a better view of the surrounding nature, a perspective you don’t quite get in a kayak.

Wishing you all enjoyable paddle boarding adventures,

How We Work

A Team of International Outdoor Enthusiasts

Our diverse team from the USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia brings a global perspective to paddle boarding. We combine personal experiences with extensive research, interaction with manufacturers, instructors, and users to provide comprehensive and reliable content.

Our Responsibility

Editorial Integrity and Honest Reviews

  • Hands-On Reviews: Every board reviewed has been thoroughly tested by our team.
  • Unbiased Opinions: We maintain editorial independence, even with demo boards from brands.
  • Informational Articles: Our how-to articles and guides are based on real experiences and expertise in paddle boarding.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We earn through affiliate links but prioritize honesty over profit.

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