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Rate and Review a Paddle Board

$250 giveaway: share your experience and support the worldwide initiative to clean up oceans and rivers.

Do you own a stand up paddle board?

👉Share your experience with that paddle board, and when published you could win up to $250!

👉Also, when your review is published we’ll donate $5 on your behalf to help clean up plastic pollution from our oceans and rivers.

👉Leaving a short review takes only 3-5 minutes of your time but helps protect our wildlife. – learn more about our donation efforts – and you could win $250.

Do you have any questions? Read the FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win the $250?

Only reviews submitted between February 1st 2024 and February 29st 2024 (inclusive) are eligible.

A top prize of $250 will be awarded if 50 or more publishable reviews are submitted. If less than 50 publishable reviews are submitted, then a top prize of $100 will be awarded.

The winner will be selected randomly in March 2024.

The winner will be informed privately if they requested their review be published anonymously.

Why are you collecting user reviews?

We’re on a mission to accurately rate and review every stand up paddle board available online. We’re collecting, validating, and displaying reviews from real users.

The goal is to highlight the legit paddle boards and help you steer clear of those that are a waste of money. We are aiming to establish ourselves as the go-to guide for people who need assistance in choosing the perfect paddle board.

Do you publish negative reviews?

Of course.

We post unbiased reviews written by actual users of the paddle boards they are reviewing. Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, we’ll publish it as long as it’s informative and passes our validation process.

Brands are unable to alter or delete your reviews, but they are given the chance to respond publicly to each review.

Can my review be anonymous?


We only publish reviews submitted by real people. When leaving a review, you must tell us your real name, email address, and share a link to an active social media profile. This is so our moderation team can verify your identity.

But your published review can be completely anonymous.

Any tips for writing my review?

Please read our tips and guidelines for writing an insightful review to be published on SUPscout.com.

How will you donate $5 on my behalf?

If we publish your review, we will donate $5 on your behalf to help clean up plastic pollution from oceans and rivers worldwide via The Ocean Cleanup, a registered non-profit.

The Ocean Cleanup is determined to protect wildlife by eliminating plastic waste from the world’s oceans.

👉Learn more about our donation efforts

How long before you send a $5 donation on my behalf?

Every month we send donations to The Ocean Cleanup for reviews published the previous month.

Please note that we only send donations for reviews that have been validated and published.

How long before my review is published?

Usually within a week though it can take up to a month.

Do you still have a question?

Ask us via our contact page.