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Blackfin Paddle Board Reviews (2024)

Blackfin inflatable paddle boards are feature-packed SUPs that are quite popular among paddlers. They offer versatility and can be used for almost every paddle boarding activity. 

Blackfin is a premium line of boards by the popular SUP company, iRocker. The paddle boards seem to have it all–lots of features, beautiful design and colors, high-quality accessories, and so much more. 

There are several Blackfin models, each unique in its own way, and you may be wondering which one suits you best. In the Blackfin paddle board reviews below, I talk about the SUPs, going into detail about their features. I also scoured the internet to get other users’ experiences and included a section compiling their real-world accounts as well.  

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick the perfect Blackfin model for your needs by the time you’re done. 

Blackfin Model X SUP Review

The Blackfin SUP boards are the premium boards from iRocker SUP. The Blackfin X, in particular, is designed to be the ultimate all-around paddleboard. What makes the Blackfin X a “premium” board? We are going … Read more

Just like the other iRocker paddle boards, Blackfin boards come with all the accessories you need for paddling. You get a twin-chamber hand pump, a wheeled backpack, a carbon-shaft paddle with a nylon blade, and an ankle leash. 

Blackfin SUP boards have lots of multi-use action mounts. iRocker makes optional accessories that are compatible with the attachment points. 

These paddle board accessories include:

  • GoPro selfie pole
  • Rotomolded cooler
  • Blackfin sand spear
  • Attachable popup cooler
  • Fishing rack mount
  • Backpack cooler
  • Fishing rod holder
  • Cooler deck bag
  • Fishing rack
  • Cell phone case
  • Waterproof speakers
  • SUP cleaner
  • Kayak seat and blade
  • Electric pump
  • iRocker SUP anchor kit
  • Cup holder

As you can see, iRocker offers all kinds of gear to make your paddling trips safer, more comfortable, and fun!

Who Makes Blackfin Paddle Boards? – iRocker Company Review

Blackfin paddle boards are made by iRocker, a reputable SUP board company. iRocker was founded in 2013 by two friends, Steve Elder and David Erwin. 

Being adventurous water sports enthusiasts, Steve and David wanted to bring their favorite SUPs with them whenever they traveled exploring different rivers, lakes, and coastlines. The inflatable SUP board was still a new concept at the time, so they took this as an opportunity to create a great board that perfectly balances durability, convenience, and performance. 

That is how the iRocker company was born.

A few years later, the iRocker team came up with Blackfin, a premium line of paddle boards. iRocker boards were already high-quality. But they wanted to add more features like extra fishing rack mounts and more expensive accessories in the package. 

Blackfin Paddle Boards Warranty Information

All Blackfin paddle boards come with a three-year limited warranty. It covers material and manufacturer’s defects. The inflatable SUP boards used to have a two-year warranty, which is what most reputable manufacturers offer. The three-year warranty makes iRocker stand out. 

Wrapping Up

All the nice things you’ve heard about Blackfin SUPs are true. They are high-quality paddle boards that offer unmatched stability and performance. They come with premium accessories in the package and action mounts for attaching all kinds of gear. 

Blackfin boards are rugged and can handle pretty much any condition. I highly recommend them. 

Which Blackfin SUP are you getting?

Happy paddling!

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