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To have a Great SUP Fishing Experience, you first need to get a Great Fishing Paddle Board

With all the options on the market, how do you know which fishing SUP to buy? We’ve done the hard work for you and studied and reviewed the best fishing SUPs. Here are the 10 best fishing paddle boards we recommend.

Fishing Paddle Board Reviews

bote rover vs bote rover aero featured

BOTE Rover Review (2024) – The BOTE Rover vs the BOTE Rover Aero—Which Is Best for You?

Struggling to decide between a paddle board and a skiff for your fishing expeditions? Get the benefits of both watercraft with the BOTE Rover and BOTE Rover Aero. The BOTE Rover is the lovechild of … Read more
bote rackham aero featured

Bote Rackham Aero Inflatable SUP Review (2024)

This is a review of the Bote Rackham Aero inflatable paddle board.  Many anglers will tell you that nobody does it like Bote. Their fishing SUPs are some of the most remarkable ones I’ve ever … Read more
sea eagle fishing sup

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Review (2024)

This is a review of the Sea Eagle FishSUP 126.  While there aren’t any statistics about how many SUP anglers there are in the US, the fact that paddle boarding is one of the nation’s … Read more

Recent Paddle Board Fishing Articles

Paddle Board Fly Fishing: How to Fly Fish From a SUP

If you’re a fly angler looking to try paddle boarding or a SUPer who is curious about fly fishing, you’ve stumbled upon the right post. Fly fishing and SUP are both beautiful sports that engage … Read more

Can You Mount a Fish Finder on a Paddle Board?

SUP fishing has become quite popular, with anglers ditching big boats for the less bulky and quieter vessel. While a paddle board is small, it can hold so much fishing gear and you can customize … Read more

SUP Bowfishing: How to Get Started

Stand up paddle boarding and bowfishing go very well together. Stealth is a key factor in bowfishing and there is no better vessel to help you sneak up on your prey than a SUP!  However, … Read more

15 Helpful Paddle Board Fishing Tips (2024)

You’ve probably heard all about SUP fishing and have decided you don’t want to be left behind. Welcome to the club! Fishing from your paddle board is now a thing and anglers love it. Why … Read more

20 Best Paddle Board Fishing Accessories

Paddleboard fishing is a simple yet enjoyable experience. Using a paddle board, you can get to some of the best secluded fishing spots, where you won’t be bothered by big boats.  But like every other … Read more

What Is the Best Motorized Paddle Board for Fishing in 2024?

Stand up paddle board fishing has become many people’s preferred method of fishing. It is simple, and paddle boards are easier to transport. With a fishing paddle board, you can access remote fishing spots and … Read more

Best Paddleboard Fishing Setup: How to Get Started with SUP Fishing

One of the key benefits of SUP fishing is being able to access remote spots quietly. SUP boards are nimble and you can maneuver some really tight waterways. While all this sounds awesome, many people … Read more