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Bluefin Paddle Board Reviews (2024) – Are Bluefin SUP Boards Any Good?

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Anytime someone asks for the best SUP brand suggestions in a paddle boarding forum, Bluefin will come up in the replies. 

Bluefin inflatable paddle boards balance performance and stability so well. They’re also remarkably rigid and durable. Bluefin makes a wide range of SUPs, ensuring there’s something for everyone, even kids. You can get a Bluefin SUP for leisure paddling at the lake or for cruising the ocean at high speed.

Looking at all the Bluefin boards available can leave you confused, wondering which one you should buy. You may also be wondering whether they are worth considering at all. 

In the following Bluefin paddle board reviews, I discuss different Bluefin SUPs and their features. As a bonus, there’s a section with other paddlers’ feedback so you know what to expect. 

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Bluefin Company Review

The Bluefin SUP Board company is based in the UK but their paddle boards are available worldwide.  

Bluefin SUP Boards is a family-owned business, started by partners Will and Charlotte. They have always loved being around the water and so they founded Bluefin Kayaks in 2013. 

When Will first saw a stand up paddle board, he knew he had to try it and he was hooked right away. The next step was to buy his own paddle board. However, he noticed that paddle boards were either well-made and really expensive or cheap and poorly-made. 

Paddlers who couldn’t afford high-end SUPs had to settle for low-quality. That is when the founders decided to create an inflatable paddle board that is high-quality and durable but still affordable. 

Bluefin SUP Boards uses exo-surface laminate technology and military-grade materials. Their inflatable SUP boards are incredibly stable and can last a lifetime. Not many inflatable boards can be inflated up to 28 psi, but Bluefin boards can. They are some of the stiffest boards you can find. 

On top of that, Bluefin SUPs have a super grippy and comfortable deck pad. They also have a kick pad feature that helps with maneuverability.  

Each iSUP comes as a complete package and some models include a kayak conversion kit. The kit consists of a kayak seat and an extra kayak blade. 

Bluefin’s Warranty Information

With their dense pro weave drop stitch and exo surface laminate PVC construction, Bluefin have no problem offering a five-year warranty. Most inflatable SUP board companies only offer a one- or two-year warranty. 

Bluefin’s five-year warranty shows confidence on their part so you’re assured of quality.


Are Bluefin SUP boards any good? Yes, Bluefin stand up paddle boards are some of the best iSUPs in the industry. They are built using cutting-edge technology and military-grade materials. The boards also come as a complete package, with all the basic SUP accessories. 

I hope the detailed reviews above have given you an idea of what Bluefin board is perfect for your needs. 

Happy paddling!

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