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Atoll 11′ Paddle Board Review – Is This The Best Inflatable SUP Available?

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Atoll 11'


  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Tracking
  • Maneuverability
  • Construction and Durability
  • Features and Accessories

Bottom line

I really like how well the Atoll board behaves on the water. It is stable, tracks well and glides very easily too. Atoll has captured that – hard to get right – balance between stability and speed.

This board is sturdy, tough, and can carry a lot of weight. I do wish that Atoll would make the side fins removable, since that would make the rolled up board more compact.

What I Like
  • Easy to inflate and deflate with the included hand pump.
  • Very durable and rigid when inflated to 15 psi.
  • Lightweight and portable with the included backpack.
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Atoll has a great customer service that responds quickly and helps with any issues.
What I Don’t Like
  • Sidefins are not removable
  • Not the cheapest iSUP

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Compare to Similar Boards

Atoll 11' iRocker All Around 11′ iRocker Cruiser Blackfin X iRocker Nautical
Atoll 11′iRocker All Around 11′iRocker CruiserBlackfin XiRocker Nautical
Overall rating
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Sizes11′ x 32″ x 6″11′ x 32″ x 6″10’6 x 33″ x 6″10’6 x 35″ x 6″10’6/11’6 x 32″ x 6″
Weight21 lbs26 lbs25 lbs27 lbs20 lbs / 22 lbs
Capacity500 lbs400 lbs435 lbs450 lbs240 lbs / 265 lbs
Construction and durability9.
Features and accessories8.
Atoll 11′iRocker All Around 11′iRocker CruiserBlackfin XiRocker Nautical
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The Atoll 11′ inflatable paddle board is a premium SUP board. It has become quite popular among beginners and skilled SUPers alike. Ever since it was launched, the Atoll 11’ has gone through several changes. And every version has been better than the previous one.

Before the Atoll Board Company made this newest model, they went out of their way to ask users what they would like. They considered the answers and created the perfect solution for paddlers. Impressive.

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Testing the atoll paddle board Pin

The company is based in California and was founded by water sports enthusiasts. While it is not an old company, Atoll is already a common name among the SUP community. They have proven themselves over and over with their quality products.

Atoll Company claims that the Atoll paddle board is suitable for any SUPer out there. According to them, it is ideal for everyone regardless of age or height. How true is this? You will find your answer in this in-depth Atoll paddle board review. Every detail is outlined and there’s genuine feedback from customers to help you decide.

But first, take a quick look at the pros, cons, and specs.

SUP Board Specs

  • Board weight: 21 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 315 lbs (single rider), water tested with multiple riders at over 500 lbs.
  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 6”

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Who Should Buy The Atoll Paddle Board?

The Atoll 11’ is ideal for almost everybody, honestly. Heavy paddlers, beginners, yoga enthusiasts, families, and intermediate paddlers will all be fine with it.

It’s easy to see why it makes a good board for heavier SUPers. The 500-pound weight capacity is not something many paddleboards can offer. Now paddlers on the bigger side can enjoy and even bring a child or pet along.

The iSUP is stable enough for learning, yoga, and an additional rider. I have paddled the Atoll board with my nine-year old daughter – together we weigh close to 300 lbs. – without any issues like sagging or riding low in the water whatsoever.

All the Atoll praises wouldn’t matter if its performance was bad. So let’s see how good it is in different areas.

Stability of the Atoll Paddle Board (9.0 / 10)

atoll paddle board standing up

Stability is a key consideration for anyone looking to purchase a stand up paddle board. It’s that crucial aspect that helps you maintain your balance and enjoy your time on the water. So, where does the Atoll paddle board stand in terms of stability? Let’s delve in.

The stability of a paddle board is predominantly determined by four factors: its construction, length, width, and thickness. A well-constructed board assures a firm foundation under your feet, the board’s length and width contribute to its balance and buoyancy, and the thickness of the board ensures it stays afloat without bending or sagging. Now, let’s see how the Atoll paddle board matches up to these metrics.

Built with dual-layer PVC, the Atoll paddle board exhibits remarkable rigidity when inflated. This strong structure provides a stable board for paddling, even in somewhat choppy water conditions. The board’s dimensions are also conducive to stability. It’s 32 inches wide and of a length that accommodates a variety of skill levels, providing a good balance between maneuverability and steadiness.

The Atoll paddle board stands tall at 6 inches of thickness. This extra height offers more than just buoyancy—it significantly contributes to the board’s rigidness, preventing it from flexing under load. And speaking of load, this board has an impressive weight capacity of 315 lbs for a single rider, attesting to its robust design. The board has also been successfully water-tested with 3 riders and a combined weight of 500 lbs.

Further enhancing the stability of the Atoll Paddle Board is a soft EVA foam pad that covers the standing area. This non-slip surface provides extra grip, helping you maintain your balance, while adding a touch of comfort.

As for personal experience, I’ve used this board extensively, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by my nine-year-old daughter, and even with our pet dog along for the ride. With a combined weight of up to 300 lbs on these occasions, the board has consistently held its own. It’s managed everything from serene flatwater to choppy waves, maintaining stability throughout.

In conclusion, the Atoll paddle board is a strong performer in terms of stability. Its robust construction, balanced dimensions, and substantial thickness all contribute to a reliable, stable paddle board that can be a dependable partner in your paddleboarding endeavors. If you’re considering the Atoll paddle board, you can look forward to a board that offers consistent stability for your water adventures.

atoll aquamarine paddle board Pin

Speed of the Atoll Paddle Board (9.0 / 10)

The Atoll Paddle Board is a great option if you’re in the market for a stand-up paddle board that combines speed and stability. Having spent ample time with this board, I can vouch for its performance.

Its design plays a significant role in its speed. The Atoll paddle board features a pointed nose and a narrow tail, engineered to reduce drag and enhance glide. This results in a noticeably smoother and faster ride compared to all-around boards with rounded noses and wider tails.

The Atoll board has a medium width of 32 inches, which strikes a good balance between speed and stability. This makes it appealing to paddlers who want a mix of both. Its 11-foot length is appropriate for light touring and cruising, offering a balanced blend of speed and maneuverability.

From my hands-on experience, I found the Atoll paddle board slightly faster than the popular iRocker All-Around 11. However, what stood out was the Atoll’s ability to retain stability while providing a decent speed. Whether I was on flat water or chop, the board was straightforward to paddle and offered a smooth gliding experience. That being said, it’s important to note that the Atoll isn’t as fast as dedicated touring boards with narrower widths and longer lengths.

To sum up, if you’re a beginner paddler who wants a combination of speed and stability, the Atoll paddle board is worth considering. Its design, shape, and dimensions synergize to offer a smooth and enjoyable ride that’s quicker than many all-around boards on the market. Its versatility for light touring and cruising makes it a sound investment for those looking to advance their paddle boarding skills.

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Tracking of the Atoll Paddle Board (9.0 / 10)

Tracking, in paddle boarding terms, is how well your board holds a straight line. It’s influenced by several factors including the board’s length, width, shape, and fin setup.

The Atoll paddle board, with its 11-foot length and 32-inch width, is well designed for good tracking. Its pointed nose and tail, typical of boards that track well, enhance this characteristic.

A standout feature of the Atoll paddle board is its tri-fin setup. This includes a central fin and two smaller side fins, allowing for customization according to your paddling style and water conditions. You can replace the central fin with a larger one for improved tracking.

From my personal experience, the Atoll paddle board maintains a straight line effectively, making paddling effortless. However, for even better control, particularly in rough waters or strong currents, you might want to consider replacing the stock center fin with a larger one.

In summary, the Atoll paddle board offers excellent tracking capabilities, making it a good choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Remember, though, that good tracking also depends on your paddling technique.

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Maneuverability of the Atoll Paddle Board (9.0 / 10)

Maneuverability is key in paddle boarding. It’s your board’s agility, determined by features like length, width, shape, and fin setup. This agility helps you handle waves, currents, or dodge obstacles.

Let’s look at how the Atoll paddle board performs.

The Atoll measures 11 feet long and 32 inches wide. This combination of length and width caters to different users, providing responsive control and good balance. Its shape, featuring an aerodynamic nose and sleek tail, enhances glide and speed, allowing smooth direction changes.

The Atoll board also boasts a tri-fin setup. This setup enhances steering, especially in wavy waters. The sizable central fin, removable, has a US fin box and matches most aftermarket fins, offering customization based on your needs.

As the founder of Stand Up Paddle Boards Review, I’ve found the Atoll paddle board to be highly maneuverable. I’ve paddled this board numerous times and have had no issues making turns or changing direction. In fact, I find the Atoll to be easier to paddle than other inflatable SUP boards I’ve ridden, thanks to its fin setup and shape. However, it might not satisfy racing or surfing enthusiasts, as there are faster and more agile boards available on the market. For paddle boarding beginners or casual users, the Atoll inflatable paddle board is a reliable choice.

To sum up, the Atoll paddle board excels in maneuverability, thanks to its optimal dimensions, sleek shape, and customizable fin setup.

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Construction and Durability (9.0 / 10)

Atoll best inflatable durable SUP board

Let’s talk durability and construction, two key factors when considering the Atoll paddle board. Thanks to Korean Dropstitch technology and dual layer PVC – the cream of the crop in inflatable SUP materials – this paddleboard is a real go-getter. It’s all about rigidity and stiffness, traits that shine through when the inflatable paddle board is inflated to 15 psi. Put simply, it’s one tough cookie in the inflatable SUP board market.

The Atoll’s robustness isn’t all talk and no action. Imagine this – an Atoll board with a car parked on top of it, and yet, no damage. Mind-blowing, right? This inflatable paddle board doesn’t shy away from heavy loads either, supporting up to 315 pounds for solo riders and over 500 pounds for group adventurers.

From personal paddling trips with my daughter, I can vouch for its performance. Even with our combined weight of roughly 300 lbs, the Atoll didn’t break a sweat.

Now, here’s something that might surprise you. Despite the Atoll’s superhero-like strength, it’s a lightweight board, tipping the scales at just 21 lbs. That’s a whopping 30% lighter than other boards in its league.

This is great news for you if you’re just starting out in the paddleboarding world. Even if you’re not Hulk-strong, lugging this board to your favorite paddling spot is a cinch. Plus, there’s no need to fret about it sagging or sinking too low in the water, even if you’re pushing its weight limits.

In a nutshell, the Atoll inflatable paddleboard is a top pick for paddleboarding newcomers who appreciate both durability and lightweight design. With its advanced construction technology, impressive weight capacity, and ease of transportation, it’s a tough contender in the paddleboard market.


You will notice that many iSUP companies love to make brightly colored paddleboards. Some of them add pronounced graphics.

Atoll boards are known for the opposite of that. They come in army green (which is a favorite for many, including myself), desert sand, aquamarine, light blue, burgundy and wolf grey. Its buyers are mostly outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who love the more muted colors of the boards. They blend better with nature.

The Atoll is available in 6 color options: Aquamarine, Army green, Light blue, Burgundy, Wolf Grey and Desert sand.

Board Features and Accessories (8.5 / 10)

Stand up paddle boarding can significantly improve with the right equipment, and the Atoll paddle board package is worth considering. It offers various features and accessories to enhance your time on the water.

atoll deck pad

The Atoll paddle board uses a tri-fin system: a large center fin and two smaller side fins. These fins improve tracking, maneuverability, and stability. The removable center fin has a universal fin box for easy aftermarket fin replacements. But, it’s a bit more difficult to install than the snap-in fin boxes found in brands like Gili or iRocker.

The side fins, however, are not removable, which complicates board storage. Stacking multiple boards might cause the side fins to bend and potentially damage the inflatable board beneath them. Luckily, bent fins can be reshaped.


On the board’s surface, an EVA foam pad ensures a non-slip and comfortable experience. It’s an excellent feature for yoga sessions, pets, or children. The board has two neoprene-covered handles at the center and the tail for convenient carrying. But, it could use another handle on the nose to launch or pull it out of the water without getting wet.

atoll paddle board nose

The Atoll Paddle Board has 15 D-rings for attaching accessories. Six at the front secure luggage with a bungee cord, one near the rear carry handle at the tail holds a leash or anchor, and eight along the sides fasten a kayak seat or cooler. However, the design doesn’t include attachment points for extra gear like rod holders, a fishing rack, or an action camera.


The board comes with a paddle with a carbon fiberglass shaft and a nylon blade. It’s an adjustable three-piece paddle suitable for all heights and provides a comfortable grip. Compared to the previous aluminum version, this upgrade has better grip and no clasp issues. The paddle is rigid, offering direct strokes and efficient energy transfer.


Safety is considered with a 10-foot coiled leash, keeping you connected to the board if you fall and preventing it from drifting away or hitting others.

The package includes a dual-action hand pump with a pressure gauge for monitoring PSI levels. While easy to use and store, an upgrade to dual-chamber, triple-action pumps would inflate the board faster and easier.

Finally, the board comes with a travel bag to carry the board and its accessories. The bag features padded waist and shoulder straps, a heavy-duty zipper, a compartment for the fins, and a plain black design with the Atoll logo.

In conclusion, the Atoll Paddle Board has numerous features and accessories to meet the needs of any paddle boarding enthusiast.

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What Users Are Saying

Most of what is discussed above is based on my experiences and what the manufacturer says. So let’s see if other paddlers agree.

A Reddit user was unsure which iSUP to get. Their choices were: Atoll 11’, the Tower Xplorer and the Isle Explorer. They posted on the platform so other SUPers would weigh in. And these are some of the answers.

This user says that he and his wife own two Atoll boards. While he has also used the Isle, he prefers the Atoll. His reasons are that the Atoll performs better, has a cooler design, and comes with a universal fin box.


Another one recommends the Atoll too. It has been their board of choice for some time and they don’t have a single complaint about it.


Still on Reddit, a Redditor posted a photo of himself on his new Atoll board. In addition to compliments, there were replies from fellow Atoll owners.

StealYourPhace, for instance, says that it changed the game for them—in reply to another comment.


Moving on.

Diana received the Atoll as a birthday present from her spouse. The one thing she first noticed was its outstanding quality. When she got it in the water, she couldn’t believe that an inflatable would be that sturdy, especially given how light it is.

Jabez was skeptical. He had not heard about Atoll and the [lower] price made him question it even more. But then he decided to have a chat with the Atoll Board Company, they were helpful. They explained their warranty, return policy, and everything he needed to know. That gave Jabez the nudge he needed, and he bought an Atoll. He was so happy with the purchase and highly recommends it to every paddler.

Chad was also very impressed with the customer service that he made a purchase as soon as he hung up the phone. He loves the D-rings, the quality, and everything that it has to offer. However, he gave it a four-star rating instead of a 5-star. Apparently, his board came with very minor cosmetic scratches.

Atoll Alternatives

The iRocker All Around 11 is one of the iSUPs that are constantly compared to the Atoll 11. And they are similar in many ways. It’s easy to see why buyers may be confused.

Atoll vs. iRocker All-Around 11′

irocker all around 11 2021 model beginner paddle board

Both inflatable paddleboards have the same dimensions, 11’ x 32” x 6”. They also come with all accessories in the package. The iRocker backpack allows for an attachable wheel tray but you have to buy it separately.

The iRocker All Around 11 also has a nose handle and an additional bungee storage area at the back. All of its fins are removable too. So, why would anyone choose the Atoll over the iRocker?

First, the Atoll is lighter. It only weighs 21 pounds while the iRocker 11 weighs 26 pounds. Despite being lighter, the Atoll 11’ can hold more weight. It can handle over 500 pounds with multiple riders. For the iRocker, the maximum weight capacity is 435 pounds.

While the two inflatable boards have a pointed nose and narrower tail, the iRocker’s shape is slightly more rounded. This enhances stability at the expense of speed.

Another reason to buy the Atoll is its colors. Atoll is known for its earthy colors to better blend in with nature. The graphics are minimum and the boards look cool.

The removable iRocker fins may seem like a good thing – and they will make the rolled up board more compact – but there is the chance that you lose them. Atoll’s fin box fits almost all aftermarket fins, so replacing a lost fin is easy.

Let’s look at other people’s opinions. A Redditor wanted to choose between the iRocker 11 and the Atoll 11’. They’re both nice boards so making a choice isn’t quite easy. Almost all the replies were for the Atoll.

Warranty and Customer Service

When you’re on the hunt for a stand-up paddleboard, two factors can make or break your buying experience: the warranty and customer service. Enter Atoll. Their top-notch team moves swiftly and skillfully, resolving any hiccups you might encounter. Ordering from Atoll? Smooth sailing all the way, complemented by a service crew that’s approachable and efficient.

Listen to this. A reader of ours recently splashed out on an Atoll paddleboard. Three days later, their new board was on their doorstep. A question bubbled up about inflation during the board’s first outing, and a call to Atoll’s customer service was in order. Here’s the kicker: they didn’t get an automated message, but a real-life person, Wiley, who expertly answered their query. Now that’s a level of service that’s a rare find in today’s fast-paced world, and one we’re not afraid to sing praises for.

Other Atoll customers echo this sentiment, lauding the company’s prompt, effective support. Take this customer, waiting on a pre-order and dealing with a house move all at once. Atoll didn’t skip a beat, providing detailed answers to their questions in less than a day. Now that’s service!

But what about the warranty? Atoll’s got you covered with a 60-day return policy and a two-year warranty against defects. I haven’t had a hiccup with my board, but it’s good to know Atoll’s got my back if anything goes awry.

Remember, a warranty is only as strong as the company behind it. And Atoll? They’re playing no games when it comes to customer satisfaction. Personal experience and a chorus of happy customers testify to their top-tier customer service. And their warranty? That’s not just a promise on paper; it’s an assurance from Atoll to their customers, like a safety net for your investment.

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What are the dimensions and weight of the Atoll paddle board?

The Atoll paddle board is 11 feet long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. It weighs 21 pounds and can support up to 500 pounds of weight.

What are the features and accessories of the Atoll paddle board?

The Atoll paddle board comes with a dual-action hand pump, a heavy-duty backpack, a 10-foot coiled leash, a repair kit, and a three-piece carbon fiber paddle. It also has a universal fin box that allows you to use different types of fins, and 15 D-rings for attaching gear and accessories.

How do I inflate and deflate the Atoll paddle board?

To inflate the Atoll paddle board, you need to attach the hose to the pump and the valve on the board. Make sure the valve is in the closed position by pushing it down and twisting it clockwise. Then pump until you reach the desired pressure, which is between 12 and 15 PSI.

To deflate the board, you need to open the valve by pushing it down and twisting it counterclockwise. Then squeeze out the air by rolling up the board from the tail to the nose.

How do I store and care for the Atoll paddle board?

To store the Atoll paddle board, you need to make sure it is clean and dry before deflating it and folding it into the backpack. You should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for long periods of time.

To care for the board, you should rinse it with fresh water after each use and check for any damage or leaks. You should also apply UV protectant spray occasionally to prevent fading and cracking.

What are the advantages of the Atoll paddle board over other inflatable paddle boards?

The Atoll paddle board has several advantages over other inflatable paddle boards, such as:

  • It is made of durable and lightweight materials that make it easy to transport and resistant to punctures.
  • It has a sleek and stable design that makes it suitable for various water conditions and activities.
  • It has a large traction pad that provides comfort and grip for your feet.
  • It has a generous amount of storage space for your gear and accessories.
  • It has a high customer satisfaction rating and a two-year warranty

What are some of the challenges or drawbacks of using the Atoll paddle board?

Some of the challenges or drawbacks of using the Atoll paddle board are:

  • It can be difficult to inflate and deflate by hand, especially if you have limited strength or stamina.
  • It can be affected by strong winds or currents due to its light weight and large surface area.
  • It can be hard to maneuver or turn quickly due to its long length.
  • It can be expensive compared to some other inflatable paddle boards on the market

How do I choose the right size of paddle for my Atoll paddle board?

The right size of paddle for your Atoll paddle board depends on your height and preference. A general rule of thumb is to add 6 to 10 inches to your height to get the ideal paddle length. For example, if you are 5 feet 8 inches tall, you should look for a paddle that is between 74 and 78 inches long. You can also adjust the length of your paddle by using the locking mechanism on the shaft.

How do I attach a kayak seat or other accessories to my Atoll paddle board?

To attach a kayak seat or other accessories to your Atoll paddle board, you need to use the D-rings on the board. For example, to attach a kayak seat, you need to clip the straps of the seat to the D-rings before and after the center grab handle of the board. You can also use carabiners or bungee cords to secure your gear or accessories to the D-rings.

How do I clean or repair my Atoll paddle board if it gets dirty or damaged?

To clean your Atoll paddle board, you need to use mild soap and water and a soft cloth or sponge. You should avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the surface of the board.

To repair your Atoll paddle board, you need to use the repair kit that comes with the board. You should follow the instructions on the kit and apply the glue and patches to the affected area. You should also let the glue dry completely before inflating the board again.

Where can I buy or rent an Atoll paddle board?

You can buy an Atoll paddle board from their official website or from other online retailers such as Amazon. You can also find local dealers or distributors that sell or rent Atoll paddle boards in your area. You can contact Atoll customer service for more information on how to find a dealer or distributor near you.

My verdict

atoll best inflatable sup board 2018

The Atoll 11’ is an exceptional paddleboard—ask anyone who has used it.

With all the fantastic features and amazing reviews, it is hard to give negative feedback. The Atoll 11’ inflatable paddleboard is a great looking, high-quality SUP. With its all-around shape, you get the best of everything. This board is sturdy, tough, stable and it tracks well.

Atoll Board Company is not yet a household name but that does not matter when their products are this good. Besides, this iSUP is already competing with the more popular brands. Expect it to give you great service for a long time. Although it is a little pricy, there are pricier ones that do not even offer half its qualities. Moreover, all paddling gear is provided, saving you a few bucks. And they currently have a $100-off two boards offer.

You cannot go wrong with the Atoll 11’ inflatable iSUP. Get yourself an Atoll 11’ and be the one to write the next positive review.

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  1. Are there shops in either the SF Bay area or the San Diego/Oceanside area where I can try out the Atoll 11′ ?

    • Hey Matt,
      I’m about as tall as you and weigh about the same and personally I’d go for the Atoll. The Blackfin XL is wider and more stable, but I think that the Atoll is stable enough. A downside of the Blackfin is that, since it’s so wide, it has more resistance and takes more effort to paddle.
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