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iRocker Paddle Board Reviews – Which iRocker SUP Should You Buy? (2024)


If you are a SUPer or have been looking around for a paddleboard, then you must have heard about iRocker. It is a big name in the SUP community. They have some of the best inflatable paddleboards you can find.

Since they have different models, picking just one won’t be easy. All of them are high quality, come with awesome accessories and are worth the money. Even though you’re not a newbie, you can get a little confused.

To help you decide, I review the iRocker paddle board lineup. I’ll discuss their features, pros and cons. As a bonus, there is a customer feedback section. You get to know what other paddlers think after using their iRocker paddleboards.

iRocker Sport 11 Paddle Board Review (2024)

This is a review of the iRocker Sport 11 inflatable paddle board. The is iRocker’s performance board, designed for the thrill-seeking paddler. It promises speed, agility, and a smooth glide in different conditions. But does … Read more

iRocker Cruiser SUP Review

Bottom line I found the Cruiser to be a very stable paddle board, that maneuvers and tracks well and is easy to paddle. It’s a great board for beginners. Advanced paddlers may wish for a … Read more

Blackfin Model X SUP Review

The Blackfin SUP boards are the premium boards from iRocker SUP. The Blackfin X, in particular, is designed to be the ultimate all-around paddleboard. What makes the Blackfin X a “premium” board? We are going … Read more

iRocker Nautical 10’6 Inflatable SUP Review – The Best Budget SUP You Could Buy?

The Nautical is the most affordable iRocker paddle board. It is an entry-level iSUP that promises an amazing experience to all paddlers. It boasts of being super lightweight and versatile. The board is available in … Read more

iRocker All Around 11′ Review

Bottom line The iRocker All-Around 11′ is an absolute joy to paddle. It’s stable enough for beginners, and advanced paddlers will appreciate how well the board maintains course. The quality of the board and accessories … Read more