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How to Stand Up Paddle Board

If you’re new to stand up paddle boarding, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. SUP boarding is one of the most fun on-water activities around. You can relax and play with friends and … Read more

The Best Places for Paddle Boarding in Louisiana

Vibrant culture, exceptional cuisine, and alligators–these are some of the things that Louisiana is known and loved for. This diverse and colorful state is also the birthplace of Jazz music.  But that’s not all. The … Read more

How to Paddle Board on Your Knees

Just because it’s called stand up paddle boarding doesn’t mean you always have to stand up when doing it. And that’s the beautiful thing about SUP. There are many ways of having fun and getting … Read more

Is Paddle Boarding Dangerous?

Stand up paddle boarding can be a gentle activity, but it’s still a physical activity–and a water sport at that. If you think about it, there are some things that could go wrong. So it’s … Read more

What Is Drop Stitch Construction?

Inflatable paddle boards have become quite popular over the past few years. Many paddlers are ditching solid SUPs completely or setting them aside for occasional use.  iSUPs are easy to transport and they don’t require … Read more

Can You Drown with a Life Jacket?

Every paddling expert will tell you that you must always wear a life jacket while doing paddle sports. The law also dictates that you must have a USCG-approved life jacket on your SUP board or … Read more

Paddle Boarding with Alligators: Is It Safe?

Stand up paddle boarding is a relaxing and generally safe activity. Of course, there are a few risks involved, since it’s a water activity, and those are easy to avoid with the necessary precautions.  But … Read more

Why Is My Paddle Board Wobbly?

A wobbly paddle board is a concern for many first time paddlers. If you notice that your paddle board is wobbly, there are a couple of things that could be going on. Either there is … Read more

Can You Paddle Board While Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience, but it can also be a vulnerable time for women. There’s nothing more important than taking extra care of yourself so that your baby has a safe place … Read more

Can an Overweight Person Paddle Board?

Enough of the false advertising! All too often, glossy magazines tend to show petite, fit, and often skinny individuals paddle boarding over picture perfect waters. Well, it’s about time we change that image.  Heavy, bulky, … Read more

What PSI Should a Paddle Board Be?

Understanding your inflatable paddle board’s PSI is key to understanding your board’s performance. Most paddle boards will range anywhere from 10 to 15 PSI. However, specialized boards designed for specific-use activities can go up to … Read more

Can You Paddle Board With a Baby?

One of the best ways to experience paddle boarding is with your children. One question that gets asked a lot is whether or not you can bring babies and toddlers on board with you. For … Read more

Are Kayaks Faster Than Paddle Boards?

Both kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are are super fun paddle sports that are similar in several ways. Each is a fun way to keep fit, and get out onto the water to experience … Read more

How to Paddle Board into the Wind

If you enjoy stand up paddle boarding, sooner or later, you’ll have to paddle into a headwind.  While this is a strenuous (and sometimes scary and even dangerous) thing to contend with, it’s also inevitable.  … Read more

Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Lose Air?

The reliability of inflatable paddle boards has been proven over time. People love them, but they still have questions. You can’t be too safe when it comes to water activities.  The thought of your SUP … Read more

Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Pop?

Although inflatable paddle boards have become quite popular, there are still concerns. For some people, it is hard to believe that a blow-up vessel is reliable.  Maybe you imagine your SUP bursting and deflating instantly … Read more

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Safe?

Inflatable SUP boards seem to be the better option for most paddlers. Their durability is remarkable and most of them are affordable. They also don’t require a roof rack for transport or a large storage … Read more

How to Paddle Board Straight

I get this question a lot: as a SUP beginner, how do I paddle in a straight line, instead of zigzagging all over the water? So if you are having a little trouble, you’re not … Read more

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Worth It?

Inflatable paddle boards have come a long way.  Most paddlers didn’t trust them at first. Some of the models were disappointing because of flex and poor performance. There have even been cases of others bursting.  … Read more

How Hard Is Paddle Board Yoga?

It is easy to see why anyone would think that paddle board yoga is hard. SUP yoga poses are not easy on land, some of them take lots of practice to master.  Now imagine doing … Read more

SUP Yoga: What to Do with the Paddle

Stand up paddle boarding and yoga are awesome activities with numerous health benefits. When you combine them, you get one of the best physical exercises ever! And this is not an exaggeration.  More and more … Read more

Why Are Paddle Boards So Expensive?

Why are paddle boards so expensive? With the rise in popularity, it seems like everyone around you is picking up paddle boarding. They appear to be having fun so you think, why not try it … Read more

How Much Does an Inflatable Paddle Board Cost?

How much does an inflatable paddle board cost? When first getting into stand up paddle boarding, an inflatable paddle board seems like the better option. Compared to solid paddleboards, inflatable paddle boards cost less. At … Read more

How Long Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Last?

How long do inflatable paddle boards last? You have probably heard all kinds of praises about iSUPs. Everyone talks about how durable they are. Some manufacturers go as far as throwing their inflatables from a … Read more