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20 Best Paddle Board Fishing Accessories

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Paddleboard fishing is a simple yet enjoyable experience. Using a paddle board, you can get to some of the best secluded fishing spots, where you won’t be bothered by big boats. 

But like every other fishing adventure, you’ll need the right gear. What should you bring on your paddle board fishing trip? This can be a difficult question. 

On one hand, you want the best SUP fishing setup. On the other hand you don’t want to overload your SUP. A paddle board is small and you can only bring so much. 

This is why it’s a great idea to read up on the best paddle board fishing accessories that will help you have an amazing experience. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Safety is always a top priority when paddle board fishing. A personal floatation device (PFD) is required by the U.S Coast Guard and is recommended for all paddle boarders.
  • A paddle board leash ensures that you’re connected to your paddle board the entire time. Falling off is still possible, even on stable fishing paddle boards.
  • A good rod holder like the Scotty Powerlock rod holder is essential for SUP fishing. It keeps your hands free so you can paddle and relax while fishing.
  • A SUP cooler is a great investment for SUP fishing (and paddle boarding in general). It keeps your beverages cold so you can stay refreshed and hydrated the entire trip – plus you’ll need it to keep your fish fresh
  • You can invest in plenty of other accessories to make your next SUP fishing trip more enjoyable. From bait boxes to polarizing sunglasses, there are many accessories out there for paddle board fishermen and hobbyists alike.

20 Best SUP Fishing Accessories in 2024

Let’s take a look at some of the must-have paddle board accessories for stand up paddle board fishing. 

1. Stand Up Paddle Board PFD


Safety is always our top priority here and it should be yours too. 

Although stand up paddle boarding is generally safe, it is done on the water. This means that you may encounter an unsafe situation. 

Luckily, there are safety precautions that you can take to ensure that you have safe fun. One of them is wearing a personal floatation device (PFD). 

The purpose of a life jacket is to keep you afloat and prevent you from drowning when you fall into the water. you’re also required by the U.S Coast Guard to have one somewhere on your paddle board. 

When it comes to paddle board fishing, you have a few options as far as PFDs are concerned. Some people complain that they are uncomfortable. In this case, a belt or harness PFD may be more suited. 

But for fishing, most people prefer fishing life vests. Not only do they prevent drowning, but they also have storage pockets and attachment points. What angler would turn down extra storage? 

2. Ankle Leash

leash Pin

This is another important safety accessory. A paddle board leash ensures that you’re connected to your paddle board the entire time (but you should ensure that you opt for a quick release leash, to avoid getting snagged).

Fishing paddle boards are typically very stable but falling off is still possible. And like we said, the water can be unpredictable. In an emergency, you don’t want to be detached from your SUP. 

The board is your best chance of getting back to safety. Besides, all your fishing gear will be on the paddleboard and you wouldn’t want to lose it. 

SUP board leashes are usually comfortable. They don’t get in the way and, if you buy a good one, you’ll even forget you’re wearing it. 

Always wear your paddle board leash before you begin your SUP fishing trip. Make it a rule to have it on before you get into the water. 

3. Fishing Rod Holder

scotty rod holder

This is a must-have SUP fishing accessory.  

You can’t hold your fishing rods all day long. You need both hands to paddle and you will also want to free your hands so you can have a snack and relax. 

Also, one of the things that can completely ruin your SUP fishing experience is losing a fishing rod. 

This is why you need a good rod holder like the Scotty Powerlock rod holder

Most fishing boards come with Scotty mounts that are compatible with fishing rod holders. If yours didn’t come with a single mount, don’t worry, you have several options. 

Some rod holders can be attached to SUP boards using adhesive. You don’t have to buy a new paddle board. 

Your other option would be to buy a SUP cooler that comes with rod holders. You need a cooler for SUP fishing anyway, so you might as well get one that serves several purposes. 

But what if you already have a cooler and it doesn’t have a rod holder? Or maybe money is tight and you can’t afford a fancy fishing rod holder at the moment. 

In that case, make your own DIY rod holders using PVC pipe! We weren’t kidding when we said SUP fishing is simple. 

4. SUP Fishing Rack

bote fishing rac

When it comes to paddle board fishing, the goal is to bring everything you need, while utilizing board space efficiently. 

Having a fishing rack makes organizing so much easier. The Bote SUP fishing rack easily attaches to any paddle board with rack receivers.

It is a vertical rack and takes up minimal space on the deck. 

The rack features two rod holders and gear pegs. You can hang a small tackle bag or backpack. This is really awesome because your bag will stay dry; this won’t be the case if it is on the deck. 

The gear pegs allow you to attach small accessories like an action camera too. 

You should also check out the iRocker SUP fishing rack. It has two rod holders, an in-built storage tray, and a place for you to hang gear. 

5. Tackle Bag

piscifun bag

You don’t need a large tackle bag for stand up paddle board fishing; if you buy a big bag you’ll probably be tempted to pack unnecessary stuff!

You know that’s a bad idea because you may exceed the weight limit of the SUP. You will also get tired if you have to carry the bag to save board space. 

The tackle box is for carrying fishing accessories such as hooks, floaters/bobbers, lures, extra fishing line, line cutter, and other small essentials. 

The Piscifun Fishing tackle bag is extremely tough and water-resistant. It has multiple pockets and storage compartments which will help you with organizing your stuff. 

6. SUP Fishing Cooler

engel sup fishing cooler

A SUP cooler is a great investment for SUP fishing and even paddle boarding in general. It keeps your beverages cold so you can stay refreshed and hydrated the entire trip. You also need it to keep your fish fresh.

In addition to storage, a cooler makes a good seat while paddle boarding. If you’re going to be out all day, you will want to give your legs a break. You can sit down, have a cold drink, and just relax before you resume fishing. 

The Engel SUP cooler comes with fishing rod holders, which is awesome. So you get a seat, storage, and a place to keep your rod secure, all in one. 

Attaching a cooler to your paddle board is easy, especially if your SUP comes with D-rings. 

earth pak dry bag

7. Dry Bag

A stand up paddle board does not have an enclosed cockpit. Expect water to splash on your stuff. Paddle board dry bags prevent your valuables from getting wet, giving you peace of mind. 

Just because you won’t be paddling rough water doesn’t mean that you won’t need a dry bag. It is always a good idea to be prepared. 

The Earth Pak water-proof dry bag is available in five sizes and eight colors. Choose the one that will fit all the necessary accessories for your fishing adventure. 

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8. SUP Anchor

You have to get a SUP fishing anchor if you want your SUP fishing trip to be a success.


An anchor keeps your paddle board in place, preventing it from floating away in the wind. 

It can be frustrating trying to fish and keep the board stationary at the same time. 

SUP anchors are small and lightweight; most of them fold for storage and transport. Don’t worry about it taking up all the space on the board or weighing it down. 

9. Landing Net

restcloud landing net

Getting your fish onto the paddle board without incident can be tricky. If you’re not careful, it will end up back into the water, bringing you along with it. 

In this case, a landing net comes in handy especially if you catch a big fish. 

The Restcloud fishing landing net has an adjustable telescopic handle. You can safely get your fish onto the SUP without having to lean and, consequently, taking a swim. The adjustable handle also makes it suitable for both kids and adults. 

We love that this landing net folds into a small compact package, perfect for SUP.  

10. Polarized Sunglasses


Anglers don’t wear polarized sunglasses just so they can look cool—although that is an appreciated bonus. 

On sunny days, sunlight is reflected off the water surface causing a blinding glare. This causes discomfort and you will find yourself squinting. As you can imagine, it makes for an unpleasant paddle board fishing experience. 

Polarized sunglasses are a must-have SUP fishing accessory. They protect you from discomfort, headaches, and eye fatigue as well as offer you UV protection and clearer vision. 

Outdoor Master’s unisex polarized sunglasses are available in 14 colors. They do a good job of reducing glare and protecting your eyes. 

11. Sun Hat and Sunscreen

einskey sun hat

The last thing you want is to end up with a painful sunburn after your fishing trip. 

Paddle board fishing offers a fun way for you to be out in nature for long hours. But the fun won’t last if you don’t protect yourself from the sun. So bring your sun hat and sunscreen. 

The Einskey sun hat has a wide brim and will protect both your face and neck. It is comfortable and breathable, you can wear it all day. You will also love the fact that it is adjustable, suitable for both men and women. 

12. SUP Board Light

nixy navigation lights Pin

Even if you don’t plan to go fishing in the dark, it can still get dark when you’re out in the water. You need a SUP board light to help you find your fishing gear and for safety reasons. 

There are different types of paddle board lights for you to choose from. Some are designed to be mounted on the deck while others are mounted under the SUP board. 

Alternatively, you can get a torch paddle. It is basically a paddle with LED lights on the blade. 

13. Paddle Board Seat

Unlike kayaks, paddle boards are not meant for sitting. If you’re out paddle board fishing all day, you’re likely to get tired. 

JFL Detachable SUP Kayak Seat Pin

At some point, you will want to sit and relax—paddle in the paddle holder, fishing poles in the rod holders, and enjoy cold drinks, taking in the crisp fresh air. That’s where stand up paddle board seats come in. 

Most boards, especially inflatable fishing paddle boards, come with several D-rings for gear attachment. These kayak seats are designed to easily clip onto the D-rings. In a minute or two, you can convert your paddle board into a SUP kayak. 

The seats are padded to minimize fatigue. You should consider getting one if you expect your SUP fishing trips to be long. 

14. Waterproof Waist Pouch

waist pouch

A waist pouch provides a way for you to bring more stuff without using up deck space, so why not? 

Since it goes around your waist, it is great for valuables like your cellphone, money, car keys, etc. You can quickly reach for your phone and take a few photos for Instagram without having to bend and search through your dry bag on the deck. 

A waist pouch is perfect for those small items that require quick access. Other than saving space on the deck, you also want to minimize movement as much as possible when SUP fishing. 

15. Lures

Having the right lure will greatly increase your chances of having a successful SUP fishing trip. So pick carefully, depending on where you will be fishing. 

Choose a lure that is similar to the dominant prey species in appearance, vibrations, and movement. Matching the color of the lure to that of the water also helps sometimes. 

16. First Aid Kit

You don’t go paddle board fishing expecting you or anyone else in your group to get hurt. Given that this is not a dangerous activity, most people don’t even consider bringing a first aid kit.

However, a good angler should always be prepared. You can buy a basic first aid kit or make one yourself. Put painkillers, gloves, antiseptic wipes, band-aids, bandages, tweezers, scissors, cotton buds, and burn gel in a waterproof case.  

deeper pro fish finder

17. Fish Finder

Sometimes finding fish can be harder than you expect. If you’re not a seasoned fisherman and/or you’re exploring new waters, a fish finder should be among your essential equipment. 

Fish finders help you locate schools of fish and give you helpful underwater information. 

The Deeper Pro fish finder is great for use all year round. It gives you detailed information about the water temperature and depth, vegetation, as well as bottom consistency and contour. 

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18. Waterproof Phone Case

We take our phones everywhere and paddle board fishing is no exception. 

waterproof phone case

You need your phone to take some cool shots, communicate with loved ones, and keep track of your location. But using your phone on a SUP board is risky because it can fall into the water. 

The Hiearcool phone case is compatible with pretty much all phone models up to 7 inches. You won’t have to take your phone out of the case to operate touch screen functions. 

19. Paddle Board Stabilizers

sup stabilizer

Fishing SUP boards are typically very stable and you may not need stabilizers.

However, if your paddle board is not that stable or you’re finding it hard to maintain balance with all the gear, stabilizers may be a good option. You don’t want to be constantly worried about falling into the water. 

Check out the Airhead SUP stabilizers. It only takes a few minutes to inflate and deflate them so they won’t be an inconvenience (plus you can use an electric pump if you wish). They are super durable and can make any paddle board stable.

travel larry chair

20. Larry Chair

If you want a comfortable SUP fishing experience why not go all out and get a Larry chair? 

This TravelChair Larry chair is perfect for paddle board fishing and even kayaking. It is made using aluminum and quick-drying, nylon mesh and it will easily attach to your SUP. 

The chair provides great support and is comfortable enough for day-long trips. 

Final Thoughts

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The above paddle board fishing accessories can help you create the perfect SUP fishing setup for your trips. Some of them are necessary, especially the safety gear, while others like the Larry chair and fish finder are optional. 

Remember, you don’t need fancy accessories to enjoy fishing from your paddle board. Start small and have fun exploring your favorite fishing holes with what you have. 

Happy paddling!

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