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The Best Floating Sunglasses of 2024

best floating sunglasses featured

Sunglasses are a must-have for paddle boarding and other water activities. They protect your eyes from UV rays and glare in addition to improving visibility. 

The problem is – a good pair of sunglasses isn’t cheap. And few things are more painful than going back home knowing you’ve left your favorite accessory resting somewhere at the bottom of a lake or ocean. 

Floating sunglasses give you peace of mind. They are made of lightweight materials that float so you can grab them before they get lost forever. 

But for you to enjoy that peace of mind, you need to find the right pair of sunglasses. That’s not easy, considering the thousands of options that are out there. Plus, just because sunglasses are marketed as floating doesn’t mean that they can actually float

To spare you the trouble of wasting money on an inferior pair, I’ve carefully selected the 10 best floating sunglasses I could find. 

My top pick for the best floating sunglasses in 2024 is the Maivnz polarized sunglasses. Read on and I will tell you all about them and other amazing floating sunglasses. 

The Best Floating Sunglasses Compared

Best Sunglasses

1. Maivnz sunglasses

1. Maivnz sunglasses

Unsinkable with 100% UV Protection

Maivnz polarized sunnies are made of high-quality plastic that is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for hours. The lenses filter light to protect your eyes and give you an impressive view.

Best Cheap

2. Fiore sunglasses

2. Fiore sunglasses

Affordable But Still High Quality

Fiore floating glasses are much more affordable but they are impact- and scratch-resistant so you know they’ll last a long time. They also block all of the sun’s harmful rays and prevent eye fatigue.

Best Premium

3. Rheos Coopers sunglasses

3. Rheos Coopers sunglasses

Fancy Floating Sunglasses with Great Clarity

Rheos Coopers glasses are premium quality and even come with a lifetime warranty. Their clarity is top-notch and you’ll be enjoying top-notch visibility all day long–even on foggy days.


4. RUNCL sunglasses

4. RUNCL sunglasses

Fantastic Sunglasses for Fishing

RUNCL sunglasses have an anti-slip design so they won’t be slipping when you’re busy fishing. I also love how clear they are, while still protecting your eyes, thanks to the nine-layer polarized lenses.


5. Rheos Wyecreeks Round sunglasses

5. Rheos Wyecreeks Round sunglasses

Super Lightweight and Comfortable

Wyecreeks polarized sunglasses are unbelievably lightweight, you’ll easily forget you have them on. They’re also anti-fog and have a hydrophobic coating for exceptional clarity in all conditions.


6. Malidak sunglasses

6. Malidak sunglasses

Durable, Solid & Suitable for All-Day Wear

MALIDAK floating glasses are very well-made and they feel solid–I’m not surprised they come with a lifetime warranty. I love the silicone nose pads as they’re so comfortable you can wear the glasses all day.


7. Jiangtun sunglasses

7. Jiangtun sunglasses

Light But Tough Floating Sunglasses

Jiangtun polarized lenses are extremely lightweight, weighing about half an ounce only. They are easy to wear even for hours. These sunnies also do such a good job blocking the sun and reducing glare.


8. Tree Tribe Bamboo sunglasses

8. Tree Tribe Bamboo sunglasses

Stylish Bamboo Sunglasses with UV400 Protection

Tree Tribe handcrafted sunglasses are gorgeous and you’ll be getting tons of compliments. More importantly, the lenses minimize glare and ensure crystal clear vision so you don’t have to squint and strain.


9. Cressi Ninja sunglasses

9. Cressi Ninja sunglasses

Shatterproof & Idea for All Kinds of Activities

I love that Cressi Ninja sunnies are shatterproof. If they accidentally break they won’t shatter into your eyes, making them ideal for all kinds of activities, even the intense ones.


10. Rheos Waders sunglasses

10. Rheos Waders sunglasses

Extremely Comfortable with Great Clarity

Waders sunglasses are gorgeous and comfortable, you’ll not want to take them off. Their nylon lenses have unbeaten clarity too. They’ll make you look good, see better, and keep your eyes protected from harmful rays.

The Top 10 Sunglasses That Float for All Water Sports

If you’re in the market for some amazing floating sunglasses, here are 10 great suggestions. 

1. Maivnz Floating Polarized Sport Sunglasses – Best Floating Sunglasses

maivnz polarized sunglasses

Maivnz floating sunglasses have a frame made using lightweight and flexible TPX material. It is completely unsinkable, so don’t panic if you fall off your SUP and take a swim. The sunglasses will be floating beside you if they fall off. You can grab them, put them on, and get back to having fun! 

The high-quality polarized lenses provide you with 100% UV protection and will prevent harmful UV light from damaging your eyes. 

They effectively filter all the scattered light to reduce glare, giving you a clearer view of your surroundings. You won’t have to strain and this means no eye fatigue at the end of the day.

The sunglasses are anti-scratch and impact-resistant and you can be sure that they’ll last.

You can get the Maivnz floating sunglasses in six different colors. They come with a two-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee.  

What I Like
  • Great protection from the sun: The high-quality polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from the damaging effects of the sun. 
  • Durable: These sunglasses are tough and don’t come apart easily. They’re also impact-resistant and anti-scratch so they’ll work well for a long time.
  • Super lightweight: I barely felt like I was wearing the Maivnz – they’re so light. I love that they are easy to wear even for long paddle boarding trips. 
  • Clear vision: These floating sunglasses reduce glare and allow you to see much better, so you won’t be squinting or getting headaches at the end of the day.
What I Don’t Like
  • Loose lens: I have to point out that one of the lenses felt a little loose. However, this is likely to be an anomaly.

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2. Fiore Polarized Floating Sunglasses – Best Budget Floating Sunglasses 

fiore polarized sunglasses

Most floating sunglasses aren’t cheap and the cheap ones can be disappointing.  

Fiore polarized sunglasses are affordable but you still get a high-quality pair of sunglasses with great features. 

The shades have a plastic frame that is unbelievably lightweight and comfortable. The frame also floats, making it a perfect option for water sport enthusiasts, including paddlers. 

These Fiore sunglasses have Triacetate Cellulose polarized lenses which protect your eyes and ensure you get a clear vision. They will block 100% of all harmful sun rays as well as make the view softer for your eyes. 

The lenses are hard-coated, which makes them impact- and scratch-resistant. 

The aerodynamic frame on Fiore sunglasses has side windows which let you enjoy unobstructed peripheral vision

The sunglasses are available in five colors and will fit small to medium head sizes. For a budget pair, these sunglasses are fantastic. 

What I Like
  • Affordable price: I love that Fiore floating glasses are cheaper but still great. They feel sturdy and won’t come apart easily. 
  • Side windows: The aerodynamic frame on these sunglasses has side windows so even your peripheral vision will be clear and unobstructed, which is really nice. 
  • Filters glare: The view through Fiore polarized lenses is impressive, despite them being a budget option. They don’t distort colors and they greatly minimize glare. 
What I Don’t Like
  • May not be suitable for smaller heads: Fiore sunglasses are a little wide and you may find them loose if you have a smaller head. 

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3. Rheos Coopers Floating Polarized Sunglasses – Best Premium Floating Sunglasses

rheos coopers sunglasses

Rheos Coopers floating sunglasses are a little costly compared to most floating sunglasses on this list, but they’re worth it. 

The polarized glasses have a composite frame that is remarkably lightweight. They are super comfortable, you’ll only realize they’re there because of the clear vision you’ll be enjoying. 

The shades are completely unsinkable. So while they’re not cheap, you can be sure that they’ll never get lost at the bottom of a lake. I’d say that’s a decent enough trade off when it comes to a higher priced product. 

You’ll love the polarized nylon optics which are clearer than glass and eliminate glare. 

Rheos Coopers floating sunglasses are premium quality and you get free returns as well as a lifetime warranty

Not only are they durable, but they are also stylish and you have seven colors to choose from.  

What I Like
  • Unbelievably light and comfortable: You won’t believe how light Rheos Coopers sunglasses are and the comfort is remarkable. You’ll even forget you have them on (like I did). 
  • High-quality: One thing I love about these sunglasses is that quality is guaranteed. They are tough and durable, with a lifetime warranty!
  • Fantastic clarity: Rheos Coopers glasses are some of the clearest polarized lenses you can find. They filter glare while still giving you vision clearer than glass. 
  • Stylish: These floating sunglasses look amazing and you can choose from five different colors. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Not cheap: Rheos Coopers cost slightly more than most options here but they’re certainly worth it. 

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4. RUNCL Polarized Sports Sunglasses 

runcl polarized sunglasses

Your next fishing trip will go much better with RUNCL sunglasses

The HD TAC polarized lenses offer remarkable protection for your eyes, thanks to the nine layers of materials. They block 100% of harmful UVB and UVA rays in addition to reducing glare caused by the sun reflecting off the water surface. You are assured of better vision, which is necessary for a fun day at the water. 

The material used to make RUNCL sunglasses is ultra-lightweight. Not only are they super comfortable, but they float too. The material is also environmentally friendly, which is fantastic because it helps keep the planet healthy for future generations. 

You’ll love the anti-slip design at the temples, especially with activities like fishing. While you don’t have to worry about losing your floating sunglasses when they fall into the water, you also don’t want them to keep falling off. This design keeps your sunglasses in place when you’re moving around or bending.

What I Like
  • Anti-slip design: RUNCL sunglasses don’t easily slide off when you bend or perform any intense activities thanks to the anti-slip temples. They’re perfect for fishing. 
  • Nine-layer protection lens: The sunglasses have a UV400 protection coating that blocks 100% of harmful rays so your eyes stay protected. 
  • Clear vision: RUNCL floating sunnies greatly improve vision by reducing glare and the difference is significant. You’ll never have to squint again. 
  • Very well made: The glasses are corrosion- and scratch-resistant so you can be as adventurous as you want and even swim in salty water with them on. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Limited color options: Unlike most of the sunglasses here, you don’t get a wide range of color options.

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5. Rheos Wyecreeks Round Floating Polarized Sunglasses

rheos wyecreeks round sunglasses

The manufacturer guarantees that you’ve never worn sunglasses as comfortable as the Rheos Wyecreeks

Rheos is a well-known name and they make good on this promise. Wyecreeks floating sunglasses have a composite frame. They’re so light you can wear them all day when fishing or paddle boarding on a hot day, without them becoming uncomfortable. 

It is also impossible to sink the material that these sunglasses are made from. You can wear them in the water without having to worry about losing them. 

Rheos Wyecreeks sunglasses have a scratch-resistant coating and fast-acting anti-fog capabilities. The lenses offer 100% UV rays protection. Like Rheos Coopers glasses, Wyecreeks sunglasses have premium polarization and you’ll enjoy unmatched clarity. 

The floating sunglasses are available in six colors.   

What I Like
  • Lifetime warranty: I love that the company stands behind their sunglasses because it assures you of quality and you can buy them with confidence. 
  • Durable: The Rheos Wyecreeks have a coating that prevents cracking, shattering, scratches, and damage from saltwater–they’ll serve you well for years. 
  • Excellent clarity: Not many floating sunglasses can match the clarity of Rheos Wyecreeks sunglasses. You’ll enjoy crystal clear vision and say goodbye to eye fatigue and headaches. 
  • Anti-fog and hydrophobic coating: Every water enthusiast will love this feature because you can wear your Rheos Wyecreeks sunnies in any condition. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Not on the cheaper side: For all the amazing qualities above, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets but the glasses are worth it. 

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6. MALIDAK Polarized Lenses Floating Sunglasses 

There is so much to love about MALIDAK floating sunglasses

First, they do what they’re supposed to do. The shades have a triacetate cellulose lens that reduces the harshness of scattered sunlight reflecting off the water surface. They also protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. 

The frame has a hollow design and is made using composite TPX material. You can be 100% sure that it will float. 

One awesome thing about the MALIDAK sunglasses is that they have ductile silicone nose pads. These enhance comfort by reducing pressure on the bridge of your nose. It may seem like a small detail but it makes a great difference when you have to wear floating sunnies for hours. 

The glasses also have soft anti-slip rubber to prevent them from falling off when you’re doing intense activities. 

The quality of MALIDAK sunglasses is hard to beat so it’s no surprise that they come with a lifetime warranty

What I Like
  • Comfortable to wear: MALIDAK glasses have nose pads that reduce pressure on your nose, and you can wear them for as long as you want. 
  • No slipping: The sunnies have a non-slip rubber design that ensures they stay on even when you bend, cast, or do pretty much anything. They won’t keep falling off. 
  • Lifetime warranty: These sunglasses are high-quality and come with a lifetime warranty. I found this impressive because they’re not even that expensive. It’s an awesome deal!
  • Outstanding vision: You’ll be able to see so much better with MALIDAK sunglasses as they eliminate light reflection on the water and don’t distort colors. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Few color options: You won’t get a lot of color options with MALIDAK glasses and I wish they could have at least added a black option. This is one of the most popular colorways for accessories out there – so it seems odd that they don’t.

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7. Jiangtun Floating Polarized Fishing Sunglasses 

Jiangtun floating sunglasses are designed for comfort. 

They have soft nose pads that are anti-slip and comfortable. You can focus more on having a good time and less on worrying about sunglasses that won’t stay on. 

The arms also have an anti-slip silicone pad to help the shades stay in place. The breathable holes on the frame are another comfort feature that you’ll love, especially when wearing the sunglasses on a hot day. 

Jiangtun sunglasses have UV400 polarized lenses that reduce glare so you don’t have to squint and strain under the harsh sunlight. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

The TPX frame is lightweight, weighing only 0.5 oz. This adds to the comfort and the pair floats on water. 

Despite the super lightweight construction, Jiangtun sunglasses are tough and resistant to wear, tear, and collision. This means you won’t break them if you accidentally drop them on a hard surface.

What I Like
  • Comfort features: The frame has breathable holes and there are nose pads. These features ensure comfort for hours, even on hot days. 
  • Anti-slip: The arms have an anti-slip design. This, plus the rubber nose pads, ensure that your sunglasses will stay on, regardless of what you’re doing.
  • Durable: Jiangtun polarized sunglasses feel very light but they are tough as nails. They are impact-resistant and ideal for all kinds of water sport enthusiasts.
  • No glare: I love how these glasses wrap around your face and filter out harsh reflected light so you can see around you perfectly. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Can be narrow: Jiangtun sunglasses can be too narrow for some people but they’ve added a larger size for some of the colors. Take note of that while buying. 

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8. Tree Tribe Bamboo Sunglasses with Floating Frames 

tree tribe bamboo sunglasses

What could be more stylish than a sleek pair of bamboo floating sunglasses? 

Each pair of Tree Tribe Bamboo sunglasses is made using real bamboo. The material is lightweight and floats, which is what you need if you spend a lot of time in or around the water. Plus, the wood grain aesthetic is super cool.

The stainless steel flex hinges used in Tree Tribe bamboo glasses hyperextend to offer a comfortable fit.

In addition to their beautiful appearance, Tree Tribe floating shades have polarized lenses which do a good job of blocking harmful UV rays. They also minimize glare for better vision while out in the sun. 

For every pair of bamboo sunglasses you buy, Tree Tribe plants a tree! So you’ll be getting a quality pair of handcrafted sunglasses and making a positive impact on the environment at the same time. 

What I Like
  • Unique, gorgeous design: Tree Tribe sunnies look stunning. The bamboo frame is unique and you will definitely stand out. 
  • High sun protection: The polarized composite lenses have UV400 protection so they’ll block 100% of the sun’s harmful rays. 
  • Great fit: One of the features that I found impressive is the ability to hyper-extend the hinges so the glasses can fit different head sizes. 
  • Cool case: The case that these sunglasses come in is also made of bamboo and it looks really nice. You’ll love showing it off. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Costly: Tree Tribe bamboo sunnies are some of the most expensive ones here, but given the unique design and quality I’d say they’re worth it. 

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9. Cressi Ninja Floating Adult Buoyant Sunglasses 

This inexpensive pair of shades is designed for all kinds of outdoor activities. You can use it for paddle boarding, kayaking, skiing, kite surfing, and any other activity that may require you to wear floating sunglasses. You can also use it on land while cycling, hiking, running, etc. 

The ultra lightweight polycarbonate frame floats and it’s made for all-day comfort. You can wear it during intense activities and you won’t feel any discomfort.

The TAC polarized lenses on the Cressi Ninja sunglasses block 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays. They reduce glare so your eyes don’t strain. 

The lenses also feature WRH treatment which makes them hydrophobic and allows for clear vision even when under the water. 

I love that these awesome sunglasses are also shatterproof, which means you won’t have shattered pieces in your eyes if the shades break. 

Cressi Ninja floating sunglasses are available in 10 colors. 

What I Like
  • Multiple color options: Cressi Ninja floating sunnies are available in ten frame and lens color options so you can choose the one that suits you best. 
  • Hydrophobic lenses: The lenses feature WRH treatment and you will be able to see clearly even when under water. It also means drops of spray won’t cling to the lenses 
  • Shatterproof design: You don’t have to worry about these lenses shattering into your eyes and injuring you in case of impact, and that’s awesome. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Not scratch-resistant: I wouldn’t describe these Cressi Ninja sunglasses as scratch-resistant but if you take good care of them you won’t have an issue.

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10. Rheos Waders Floating Polarized Sunglasses 

Last but not least, we have Rheos Waders sunglasses

These floating sunglasses are designed specifically for water lovers. The polycarbonate frame is unsinkable and you never have to worry about losing your nice pair of shades. It is also lightweight and unbelievably comfortable–which is one of the best qualities of these sunglasses. 

The polarized nylon lenses offer impressive clarity–even clearer than glass. They also protect your eyes from 100% of the damaging UV rays and minimize glare. 

The Waders have a hydrophobic coating and fast-acting anti-fog so you can enjoy a clear view all day long. 

Rheos Waders floating sunglasses have a stylish look and you will love wearing them everywhere, not just on the water. They are available in four beautiful colors. 

What I Like
  • Elegant design: There are five color options and they are all so beautiful–you can wear them every day and not just around the water. 
  • Super comfortable: Rheos Waders sunglasses are extremely lightweight, sometimes you forget they are there. They don’t put pressure on the bridge of your nose like some other sunnies. 
  • Anti-fog and hydrophobic coating: One thing I love about Rheos sunglasses is that you can count on them to have exceptional clarity, regardless of the condition. this means crystal clear vision – even below the surface of the water. 
  • Durable: These sunglasses are light as a feather but still tough as they come. You can wear them every day, for all kinds of activities and they’ll still hold up. They have a lifetime warranty. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Not the cheapest: Like the other Rheos sunnies here, Waders don’t exactly qualify as cheap but they are totally worth it. 

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What to Consider When Buying Floating Sunglasses

How do you decide which pair of floating sunglasses would be right for you? Here are four key factors to take into account. 

1. Type of Lens

The lens is an important factor when it comes to floating sunglasses, because it’s what protects your eyes – so it’s the main feature of the glasses in that it helps them serve their primary purpose. Now, there are several types of lenses and different watersport enthusiasts may prefer different types of lenses. 

The type of lens you choose should be polarized, hydrophobic, and offer adequate UV protection.

When sunlight reflects off the water’s surface it can create glare which will hinder your vision. This can give you eye strain, and can lead to headaches and serious visual issues if you keep it up! Polarized lenses reduce glare and you can see clearly without squinting.

Your eyes, just like your skin, need protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The sunglasses discussed above offer UV400 protection and that’s what you should look for. It blocks 100% of the harmful UV rays. 

A lens with a hydrophobic coating repels water. You can expect to get in the water or have water splash on your sunnies when doing any water activity. The coating repels water and maintains clarity. 

Make sure the sunglasses you’re eyeing have all of these qualities, clearly indicated.  

2. Overall Design and Comfort Features

You’ll probably be wearing your floating sunglasses for hours at a time. Design features that facilitate comfort are extremely important. 

For instance, rubber nose pads and rubber arm tips prevent your shades from slipping, especially when you’re sweating. You won’t have to keep adjusting them, which can be annoying. The rubber pads offer comfort too. 

Sunglasses with great lens curvature and wraparound frames leave no room for glare and give you better peripheral vision even when the sun is shining brightly. They also completely protect your eyes from the wind.

Lastly, you’ll want floating sunglasses that look good on you. So try to pick a pair that complements your face shape.

3. Materials Used to Make the Frame and Lens

Both the lens material and frame material of the floating sunglasses should be durable. Outdoor sports can be rough and your shades should handle the conditions. 

The lens should be shatterproof because if they shatter in case of impact you could suffer a serious eye injury. NXT and polycarbonate lenses are the best as they are impact-resistant and will not shatter. 

The materials used to make the sunglasses will also affect their buoyancy. For instance, frame materials like TPX plastic, polycarbonate, and bamboo are extremely lightweight and less dense than water. So they will float. 

4. Budget: How Much Do They Cost? 

You can find good floating sunglasses at every price point; so find one within your budget. Be careful with cheap options and make sure they are high-quality and offer the necessary protection. 

Floating Sunglasses FAQs

What Are Floating Sunglasses?

Floating sunglasses are sunglasses made of lightweight materials and they float on water.

Floating Sunglasses Vs Regular Sunglasses: What’s The Difference?

Regular sunglasses don’t float. This means that if they fall into the water, you might never see them again.

Are Floating Sunglasses Worth It?

Floating sunglasses are worth it, especially for water sports enthusiasts. You won’t have to worry about losing them every time they fall off and end up in the water.

Final Thoughts 

If you spend a lot of time in or on the water, floating sunglasses are a must-have accessory. You won’t be forced to buy a new pair every few weeks because your favorite one fell and sank in a lake somewhere. 

My favorite pair of floating sunglasses for 2022 is Maivnz polarized sunglasses. Not only are they well made and unsinkable, but they’re also anti-scratch and impact-resistant. They offer 100% UV protection too. The shades are durable and will adequately protect your eyes even on the brightest of days. 

If your budget is tight, I’d recommend Fiore polarized floating sunglasses. Despite their low price, they are stylish and made with long-lasting materials. They block UV rays and even have a side window for better peripheral vision. 

For those who don’t mind spending a little more on a fancy pair, check out Rheos Coopers floating sunglasses. They are unbelievably comfortable; it’s easy to forget they are there. 

What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite pair and go have fun!

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