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iRocker All Around 11′ Review

irocker all around 11 paddle board
iRocker All Around 11′


  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Tracking
  • Maneuverability
  • Construction and Durability
  • Features and Accessories

Bottom line

The iRocker All-Around 11′ is an absolute joy to paddle. It’s stable enough for beginners, and advanced paddlers will appreciate how well the board maintains course.

The quality of the board and accessories is outstanding. I recommend the board to beginner and advanced paddlers.

What I Like
  • Outstanding construction
  • Board performs very well
  • Good quality accessories
  • Many color options
What I Don’t Like
  • Fin box is not universal, but to be fair, that’s hardly an issue

Compare to Similar Boards

iRocker All Around 11′ Atoll 11' iRocker Cruiser Blackfin X iRocker Nautical
iRocker All Around 11′Atoll 11′iRocker CruiserBlackfin XiRocker Nautical
Overall rating
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Sizes11′ x 32″ x 6″11′ x 32″ x 6″10’6 x 33″ x 6″10’6 x 35″ x 6″10’6/11’6 x 32″ x 6″
Weight26 lbs21 lbs25 lbs27 lbs20 lbs / 22 lbs
Capacity400 lbs500 lbs435 lbs450 lbs240 lbs / 265 lbs
Construction and durability9.
Features and accessories9.
iRocker All Around 11′Atoll 11′iRocker CruiserBlackfin XiRocker Nautical
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The iRocker All-Around 11 is one of the most popular inflatable paddleboards. And it claims to be undefeated when it comes to durability and sturdiness, among other things. But does it deliver? 

iRocker released an All-Around upgrade. They wanted to address a few customer concerns and generally make the board better. In this iRocker All-Around review, we’re going to see if the board is as good as advertised. We will also highlight the upgraded features.

The iRocker SUP company was started by Steve Elder and Dave Erwin. They have been water sports enthusiasts for as long as they can remember. They always wanted to travel all over with their SUPs, but solid boards made that hard. 

When iSUPs were introduced, they loved them so much that they decided to develop designs of their own. And that is how iRocker SUP came to be. 

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Before we get into an in-depth review, here are the specs of the iRocker All Around 11′.

iRocker Board Specs

  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 435 lbs

Check Price of the iRocker All Around 11

Who Should Buy The iRocker All-Around 11′ SUP?

The iRocker All Around 11′ paddle board is perfect for heavier riders, yoga enthusiasts, beginners, and families.

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, bigger paddlers usually have fewer options. Most iSUPs have a lower weight limit. And even those that claim to have a higher limit often can’t handle much. This causes the boards to flex when heavy SUPers try to ride. The iRocker 11 is one of the few single rider iSUPs with a weight limit of 400+ pounds. And it is not just a number they use to market the board. It can handle a lot in real life.

Yoga requires that a SUP be stable, soft, and have ample deck space. With a length of 11 feet and a width of 32 inches, you’ll be fine doing poses on the iRocker. Its deck pad is large and extra comfy and works just as well as a yoga mat.

As for beginners, their ideal paddle board would be a stable one. The iRocker can be used by paddlers of all skill levels. So if you are starting, you’ll be using it even when you become skilled. And it is durable—it will not get worn out anytime soon. Besides, the iRocker 11 comes with all the accessories you need. You don’t have to go looking for a paddle, pump, SUP bag, and all those other things.

Given the weight limit, two paddlers can ride the iRocker All Around 11 together. This is what makes it suitable for families. It is stable enough for that. You can also bring your kid or dog along. The deck pad is soft and comfortable for everyone. If you’re trying to get your child interested in SUP, both of you can use this paddleboard—unless she is really young. The paddle is adjustable to cater for different heights.



A board that performs poorly won’t be of much use to you. It will be unstable, super slow, uncontrollable, and downright frustrating. Let’s find out where the iRocker lies.

a. Stability

irocker all around build

How do you know whether or not a paddleboard is stable? Check the dimensions and quality of construction. Fins help here too.

A large platform means more stability. And this is determined by the length and width of a SUP. If it’s long and wide, you will have an easier time gaining and maintaining balance. But you don’t want it to be too long because you’ll have a hard time paddling. And if it is too wide the speed is affected.

Generally, a medium-length, 10 to 11 feet is recommended. Shorter SUPs are for kids and surfing while longer ones are for touring and racing. As for the width, anything from 31 inches to 36 inches will be stable for everyone. But since wider means slower, 32 to 33 inches seems like the ideal width for an all-around paddleboard.

The thickness is also very important, and especially with inflatable SUPs. Thinner paddleboards are less buoyant and will ride a little lower in the water and bend in the middle. They make it hard to stay balanced. This usually happens when a heavier person is paddling. To avoid these issues, go for iSUPs that are 6 inches thick, like the iRocker All Around.

Quality construction ensures that a paddleboard is stiff when fully inflated. Imagine how unpleasant it would be paddling on a SUP that is not solid. It would be very wobbly. So you want an iSUP that is made using the highest quality materials.

b. Maneuverability

A maneuverable paddleboard is one that you can easily control. The iRocker moves and turns quite well. Usually, the longer a SUP is, the harder it is to maneuver. This board is not the shortest iSUP around. That said, there are situations where the maneuverability won’t be good—like whitewater paddling. But again, who goes whitewater paddling with an 11’ SUP?

If you plan on using the iRocker on flat water, rivers and even paddling canals with vegetation to meander, it will handle impressively.

For maneuverability, it also helps to have a lighter SUP.

c. Tracking

You will enjoy your SUP trip more if your paddleboard travels in a straight line. And the iRocker tracks amazingly, I can attest to that.

To help with tracking, SUPs usually come with a large center fin. It is mostly useful in flatwater and racing.

d. Speed

Inflatable paddleboards are not popular for their speed. But they’ve come a long way.

The iRocker All Around has an 11-foot length and 32-inch width. This makes it long and narrow, giving it a shape that facilitates speed. Add to that the fact that it is relatively light. It also has a narrow tail and a pointed nose. As a result, it glides through the water with so much ease.

Its speed is not outstanding but it is good. This is what you should expect from an all-around SUP. To increase speed, the manufacturer would’ve had to make it less stable and less beginner-friendly. But by finding just the right balance, they made one of the best all-around inflatable paddle boards that can do everything decently. That’s not easy to find.


Build Quality

This is one of the areas in which iRocker made some upgrades. In their 2020 version, they used Triple-Layer Composite PVC. It puts them ahead of most iSUPs because they use a single or double-layer. The new iRocker 11 is designed to be as strong as its quad-layer predecessor, but lighter.

It’s really impressive that even with the triple PVC layer, the iRocker has managed to stay light. There are heavier boards with only a single layer.

So what’s the point of a triple-layer PVC? First is durability. To be honest, not many iSUPs can match the iRocker 11. You can check online for reviews of people who bought theirs years ago, even before the upgrade. The material is military-grade and there are three layers. Feel free to be as adventurous as you want.

Quality construction also helps make a paddleboard stiff. Many people still doubt iSUPs. They fear that they are not as solid as hard SUPs. But you’d be surprised—as many people are. Check iSUP durability tests on YouTube. People run them over with cars and even throw them off roofs. Some of those only have two-layer PVC. And they hold just fine. Now imagine one with triple-layer construction. 


The iRocker 11’ inflatable didn’t offer much choice in terms of color before. But the new design has something for everybody. Now paddlers can choose from six colors.

The shape hasn’t changed much but the logos have been redesigned and given a fresher look. This iSUP also comes with 4 action mounts now. Two are in the cargo area and the other two are mini mounts on the rear side of the deck pad. These come in handy when you want to use your rod holders (for the anglers), cameras, and anything else.

Board Features

irocker all around

a. Fins

The iRocker All-Around 11’ features a tri-fin system—one large center fin and two smaller side fins. All of them are removable. The side fins are not always necessary and the option to remove them is nice.

Additionally, removing all the three fins makes the iSUP more compact when rolled up. The fin system helps with tracking, maneuverability, and stability.

Unfortunately, the fin box is not universal. When you lose your fins, you can’t just buy any type as a replacement. On the brighter side, installation is toolless and you won’t need screws.

For people who have been in the SUP game for a while, you know this means fewer lost fins. Screws get lost easily and so do the fins—especially when you attach them hurriedly.

b. Deck Pad

The iRocker 11 used to have a large deck pad. But the new version now has one that covers an even larger area—up to where the inflation valve is. The deck pad also works as a yoga mat. iRocker claims that this deck pad is extra comfy—which is true, from experience. It is branded with their new logo.

c. Carrying handles

The previous iRocker version only came with one handle, the center one. They have added two more in 2020, one at the front and another one at the back. Given the weight of the paddleboard, the center one is enough. But you will appreciate the other two when launching the board or getting it out of the water.

d. D-Rings

Inflatable paddleboards never disappoint when it comes to D-rings. And iRocker SUP has decided to make paddlers even happier with additional ones this year.

There are now 20 D-rings, that’s right. This may be too many for some SUPers but most people will love them. 12 of the D-rings have bungee cords attached for storage—at the front and back of the board. Another one is at the nose and another at the tail. The rest are conveniently arranged. You can use them to convert your iSUP to a kayak.

SUP Board Accessories

irocker all around package

iRocker paddleboards have always included quality accessories. As if that’s not enough, the manufacturer has upgraded the accessories along with the SUP.

You will receive a pump, paddle, bag, leash, and repair kit.

The twin-chamber pump is 100% faster than the average manual pump. The hose has been upgraded to make it thicker and more flexible.

The paddle is lightweight and adjustable. The new version comes with a carbon blend shaft and it floats. It features a clean, attractive design. The blade colors now match the colors of the boards which is cool.

All the iRocker 11 backpacks having matching colors as well. The bag used to be great but now it is even better. There’s a bungee cargo area at the front and mesh pockets on either side. The bungee is perfect for towel storage. You will also have additional zipper pockets on the sides and at the top. This top pocket can fit an iRocker electric pump. For longer distances, you can transform your iRocker bag into a wheel roller bag using the new wheel tray (sold separately).

The leash is 10 feet long and comes with a key pocket.

What Users Are Saying

If you want to know the truth about a product, ask someone who has used it. They have firsthand experience and no reason to lie. So let’s see what other paddlers think about the iRocker 11.

A user on Reddit was torn between the iRocker All Around 11 and the Bote Flood Aero 11. They decided to ask for other Redditors’ opinions. Most of the replies were for iRocker.

One paddler, the_shady_penguin, expressed how much they love their iRocker 11. It is comfortable and stable even when it’s windy.


Ichtequi said that he also owns an iRocker, as does his girlfriend, and they both love them. He highly recommended the All Around.


On a different post, SpaceCowboy2071 was wondering whether he should buy the iRocker 11 or another iSUP as his first SUP ever.

A Redditor replied by saying that they own both the iRocker 11 and two other boards. They went on to say that the iRocker 11 is their favorite. It is extremely stable even when they are walking around on it or another water vessel is speeding by.


Moving on.

Stefan highly recommends the iRocker 11’ and the company in general. He couldn’t believe how solid it was after inflation. His board came without a leash and he contacted iRocker SUP. They responded promptly by sending him one and even gave him a free dry bag to make up for the mistake.

Donald sold his iRocker Sport 10’ so he could buy this one. The Sport had issues with stability. With the iRocker, he says that stability is top-notch. He is yet to fall in.

Linda found the iRocker 11’ hard to inflate. But that is all she has to complain about. The paddleboard is impeccably stable—even when she brings her dog along. Once deflated, it fits perfectly into the backpack, along with the accessories.

iRocker Alternatives

If you’ve been looking around for an iSUP, you may have seen some other great paddleboards. And you’re probably trying to make a choice. So let us see how it compares to similar iSUPs.

a. iRocker All Around 11’ Vs iRocker Cruiser

irocker cruiser

The two, as you can tell, are made by the same company.

It may be hard to choose one because both are built using outstanding material. The accessories are also pretty much the same.

The iRocker Cruiser, however, is 10’6 long and 33 inches wide. With these dimensions, expect it to be slower but a little bit more stable.

You also have five color options with the iRocker Cruiser, while the iRocker All Around offers six.

The main difference is in the dimensions and it is hard to say which is better.

It all depends on who is using it and what they want. For additional stability, the Cruiser is ideal. If you want a bit more speed, then the All Around may be right for you.

b. iRocker All Around 11′ Vs Isle Explorer

isle explorer paddle board

Isle Surf and SUP make awesome paddleboards. So it is understandable if you wonder which board you should get.

The Isle Explorer is longer than the iRocker All Around. It measures 11’6. But they have the same width and thickness.

Both boards have three carry handles and two bungee storage areas as well.

Being longer, you can expect the Explorer to be a little faster. But the difference is not significant. The Isle Explorer is also lighter by 2 pounds.

The boards have more similarities than differences.

However, if I were to choose I’d go with the iRocker 11.

First, the iRocker has a higher weight capacity of 435 pounds. The Explorer can only handle 300 pounds.

This is limiting to most bigger paddlers, especially if you would like to bring another person or a lot of stuff with you.

The iRocker 11 has better accessories too.

c. iRocker All Around 11 Vs Atoll

atoll paddle board standing up

The Atoll paddle board, like the iRocker All Around, measures 11’ x 32” x 6”. But it is slightly lighter and has a lower weight limit, 400 pounds. It comes with a carbon fiberglass paddle and the company upgraded its backpack.

The main differences between the two boards would probably be the number of D-rings and handles as well as the color options. The Atoll caters more to people that love muted colors.

Picking a winner between these two is hard. Both iSUPs are well-loved in the SUP community. Their quality is unmatched and so is the performance. Anytime you ask which is better, you will get mixed answers. And here is a good example.

Some paddlers wanted help choosing between the two. So they went on Reddit to get opinions. On this one post, you see more people leaning towards iRocker with some pretty solid points. On this other one, Redditors seem to prefer the Atoll. And they have some solid points too.

Read our full review to the Atoll paddle board.


You will not regret getting the iRocker All Around 11—that’s for sure.

The quality is remarkable and it comes with a two-year warranty. This is one of those boards you can take anywhere; it can withstand anything and you can bring it on a plane.

The accessories are exceptional, to say the least. It is a super stable SUP that is ideal for everyone. You won’t find anything to complain about. If you were undecided, I hope this clears things up for you.

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