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Tips and Guidelines for Writing Your Review

How to write an insightful review of a paddle board

A few tips and guidelines for writing a review to be published on SUP Scout…

1. Be Honest

👉Share your honest opinion.

We value both positive and negative reviews equally.

👉Remember that your review can be published anonymously.

So there’s no reason to hold back!

2. Tell YOUR Story

Write your review in the first person, detailing your personal experience with the paddle board.

How often have you used it? What has been your experience with it? How has it measured up to your initial expectations?
Example: As someone who has had trouble standing up on a paddle board before, I found this board to be very stable…
Example: I’m disappointed with the paddle board because…

Avoid making sweeping statements about the paddle board.

Example: This paddle board is virtually indestructible and perfect for any water condition.

Avoid sharing stories you’ve heard about other users.

We’re only interested in your story, and you’re the best person to tell it

3. Be Insightful

👉What would you tell a friend who is considering buying this paddle board?

What would help them make an informed decision?

👉What do you wish you’d known before buying?

What would you tell yourself if you could travel back in time?

👉If you’ve used other paddle boards, mention which ones and how they compare

Are there better options out there?