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What Is the Best Motorized Paddle Board for Fishing in 2024?

Bote Rover Micro Skiff

Stand up paddle board fishing has become many people’s preferred method of fishing. It is simple, and paddle boards are easier to transport. With a fishing paddle board, you can access remote fishing spots and you’ll have a better view of the water while standing. 

If you’re worried about SUPs being a little slow, or about how paddling can get hard when the wind is strong, don’t fret! That’s where a motorized paddle board for fishing comes in. 

Adding a motor to your paddle board allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Use the motor for speed and get to your fishing spot faster. Once you are close to the destination, switch to paddle mode so you don’t scare away the fish, and get a full-body workout while at it. 

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

Best Motorized Fishing Paddle Boards of 2024

To make sure you have a fantastic experience, let’s take a look at our top 2 motorized paddle boards here. We also include a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision. 

1. Bote Rover Solid Micro Skiff Review

bote solid micro skiff

The Bote Rover solid paddle board is every angler’s dream. 

It is built using ABS plastic and ballistics grade composite. Typically, traditional hard boards are not known for their durability. That’s one of the reasons why people prefer inflatables. 

But the Bote Rover is designed to be six times more durable than a regular solid board. You can paddle with confidence knowing that your SUP can handle almost anything. 

The Rover is 14’ long, 40” wide, and 12” thick. With such a large platform and a recessed deck, you just know the stability is exceptional. Angling requires an ultra stable board so you can comfortably fish without worrying about falling in the water.  

One downside of having a big, rugged, and stable paddle board is the weight. The Bote Rover weighs 105 lbs, which is no joke. But it is compatible with the Bote wheel rac which makes transportation a breeze. 

Besides, you get a weight capacity of 500 pounds and you can bring all the gear you want.

What sets the Rover apart?

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It comes with a Motorac and rac receivers at the back allowing you to add an onboard motor – this is what sets the Rover Solid Micro Skiff apart from other paddle boards; the ability to add power! 

You simply slide the Motorac into the receivers located at the rear of the board, and affix it with the included allen key or cam straps to lash it to the deck of the board. Then you can slide a motor onto the Motorac for instant power!

This way, you can travel long distances in a shorter time. The Motorac also comes with additional mounting points so you can bring more gas on your trip. 

Another amazing thing about this motorized paddle board is its performance. It has a displacement hull that facilitates smooth and fast gliding when paddling. 

You have three color options to choose from: classic teak, bug slinger redfish, and the verge camo. 


The classic teak board has a beautiful wood look that never goes out of style. The verge camo is perfect for the angler who wants to hide in plain sight. You might love the bug slinger if you’re looking for cool graphics. 

The Bote Rover comes with:

  • A paddle
  • Three vertebrae
  • One Motorac 

Fishing Accessories

The Bote Rover solid micro skiff comes with tons of attachment points for all kinds of paddle board fishing gear

First, there is a front bungee for a dry bag or any other essentials. 

A paddle sheath is conveniently placed at the bow so you can free your hands while fishing. There are tons of attachment plugs on the deck for things like Scotty mounts. 

Easily slide your fishing rods into the fishing storage holes in the deck when you aren’t using them. You also get a place to store your sand spear or paddle on the deck. 

Anglers will love the multiple rac receivers on the Bote Rover solid micro skiff. They are compatible with a bucket rack and grab rack. This means additional gear storage. 

There is a small compartment on the deck that can act as a cup holder. You can also store your keys and valuables in it. 

This paddle board would be great for the angler who is looking for the ultimate SUP fishing board. 

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2. Bote Rover Aero Inflatable Micro Skiff Review

bote rover infl micro

If you love the Bote Rover solid micro skiff but think it’s too heavy and you don’t have the storage space, here is another option: the inflatable version. 

The Bote Rover inflatable micro skiff is built using Bote’s Aero technology and military-grade PVC. It also features two-chamber construction. It can handle whatever you throw at it. 

The construction also ensures rigidity when the board is fully inflated. It doesn’t even feel like an inflatable SUP. 

The paddle board comes with a two-year warranty

The inflatable micro skiff is 12’6 long, 40.5” wide, and 11” thick with a recessed deck. The stability is amazing

We love that the Bote Rover Aero is not that heavy—at least not as heavy as the solid micro skiff. It weighs 63 pounds. It can hold up to 500 pounds, which is perfect for an angler. 

There is a lot of space and attachment points on the deck. The weight capacity allows you to bring whatever you want. 

What makes the Bote Rover Aero stand out from other inflatable fishing SUPs?

It comes with a Motorac and rac receivers. This lets you attach a motor and cruise across the water effortlessly and at high speed. You won’t be too tired to fish when you get to your destination. 

The Rover Aero is available in two colors: classic teak and bug slinger. You will love the bug slinger if you are looking for bold and beautiful graphics. The classic teak is best for the angler who prefers an authentic wood look. 


We love the Bote Rover inflatable micro skiff package. It includes:

  • Paddle
  • Travel bag
  • Paddle sheath
  • Sand spear sheath
  • Motorac
  • Motorac receivers
  • Repair kit
  • Hand pump
  • Rac receivers
  • Grab strap 

Fishing Accessories

The Bote Rover Aero motorized paddle board is perfect for fishing. 

It has attachment plugs on the deck for Scotty mounts. You also get lash points for your sand spear or paddle when not in use. 

There is an attachment point at the bow for the paddle sheath that comes with the SUP. You can place your paddle there when casting or when you just want to free your hands. 

The bungee straps at the front will come in handy when you need a place for your dry bag. 

Like the solid micro skiff, the inflatable Bote Rover also has a rac system with rac receiver points. You can attach a tackle rack, grab rack, or bucket rack. 

All these fishing accessories are available at Bote so you can get them while buying the board.

The Bote Rover Aero would be great for the angler who wants the most customizable motorized iSUP for fishing. 

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Motorized Paddle Board for Fishing

Motorized paddle boards aren’t cheap. When getting one, you have to be sure that you’re making the right decision. 

So let’s discuss everything you should know. 

Benefits of a Motorized Paddle Board: Do You Need One?

The first benefit of a motorized paddle board is speed. When you rely on paddling, you are limited in terms of how far you can go. You will be moving slower and you might be too tired to start fishing when you get to your destination. Don’t forget that you also have to paddle back. 

For anglers who want to explore fishing spots that are far and secluded, this can be an inconvenience. 

Plus, fishing paddle boards are super wide to help with stability (the ones we have discussed above are 40 inches wide). They face more resistance on the water and are slower than narrower boards

You can solve this issue by adding a motor. 

Paddling against the current or wind is never fun. Sometimes the conditions may be different than what you expected. Having to paddle into the wind when it’s late and you’re tired is not something anyone would want. 

A motorized paddle board can ensure that you make it home safe when the conditions are tough.  

Lastly, you may benefit from having a motorized SUP if you love going on long touring or fishing trips. You can travel farther and explore more. The Bote Rover boards even have mounting points on the Motorac for you to carry more gas. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Motorized Fishing Paddle Board

There are certain things you should consider when choosing a motorized paddle board. Let’s take a look at some of the most important product features to check out, and what choices you need to make in order to find the motorized SUP that’s right for you. 

1. Inflatable or Solid?

Inflatable and solid paddle boards each have their pros and cons. 

One of the best things about owning an inflatable SUP is that you won’t have to worry about storage and transport. Once deflated and rolled up, you can store it anywhere, even in your small apartment. 

Inflatables are also portable. You can easily fly with your blow-up board and explore different waters all over the globe. 

The Bote Rover inflatable micro skiff will fit in your car so you don’t need a truck or a roof rack. 

Finally, inflatable boards are more durable. The military-grade material used to make them can withstand just about anything. Inflatable SUPs bounce off obstacles most of the time so they don’t get dented.

Solid paddle boards may be bulky but they offer the best performance. They are slightly faster and glide a little better than iSUPs. 

You also don’t need to inflate and deflate a solid board every time you go paddling. When going on long trips with your iSUP, you’ll have to bring a pump with you. This is not the case with a solid board. 

2. Size

Fishing paddle boards come in different sizes. The wider the board, the more stable it will be. You will also have more space for your gear. 

However, a stand up paddle board that is too wide faces more resistance and can be sluggish. 

It is up to you to find a balance that works based on the nature of your fishing trips.

Long paddle boards can be a pain to control but they track well. Short paddle boards are maneuverable but they don’t track as well. 

Note: although a motor will sort most of these performance issues, you may still have to paddle the SUP sometime. So have that in mind. 

3. Weight Capacity

You want a paddle board that can hold you, your gear, and the motor. 

All paddle boards have a set weight capacity and you should always try to stay under the given limit. 

Being too close to or above a paddle board’s weight limit can slow it down, and also makes it hard to control. 

You will have an unpleasant SUP fishing experience and it can also be dangerous. 

4. Gear Compatibility

One of the reasons why we love and recommend the Bote Rover micro skiffs is their gear compatibility. 

Motorized paddle boards are designed for SUP activities that require a lot of gear.

The Bote Rover micro skiffs are compatible with almost all kinds of SUP accessories; you don’t have to do your own rigging (which can void the warranty). 

How to Configure A Motorized Fishing SUP Board

The options are many, especially with the fishing paddle boards discussed here. 

Check out the video below to see how you can make the Bote Rover perfect for your fishing trips. 

Motorized Paddle Board for Fishing FAQs

Q: Is There a Motorized Paddle Board? 

A: Yes, there are motorized paddle boards that are designed to help you cruise efficiently at high speed. 

Q: Can You Put a Trolling Motor on a Paddle Board?

A: Yes, you can. Here is a video of an inflatable paddle board with a trolling motor. 

Q: How Stable Is the Bote Rover?

A: The Bote Rover is very stable. It is long, wide, and thick with a recessed deck. 

Wrapping Up

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Take your SUP fishing experience to the next level with a motorized paddle board. 

The paddle boards reviewed here allow you to paddle faster and farther. You also don’t have to worry about getting home when the wind picks up. 

So don’t hesitate to get a motorized SUP and let the fun begin!

If you have any questions feel free to ask us below. 

Happy paddling!

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