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iRocker Sport 11 Paddle Board Review (2024)

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This is a review of the iRocker Sport 11 inflatable paddle board.

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The iRocker Sport is iRocker’s performance board, designed for the thrill-seeking paddler. It promises speed, agility, and a smooth glide in different conditions. But does it deliver? 

Well, that’s what you’re about to find out in this in-depth iRocker Sport review. 

One of the most notable things about the iRocker Sport, I’d say, is the iSUP package. It includes a full carbon-shaft paddle and a rolling backpack among other accessories. 

Carbon paddles are the best and most expensive and the bag feels robust. Plus, it has wheels. It’s the kind of iSUP package that you would normally get with more expensive inflatable paddle boards. 

The iRocker Sport 11 has impressive performance. It is noticeably faster than most all-around boards without sacrificing stability too much. It’s a really fun SUP to paddle and explore different waterways. 

Like the other iRocker boards, the Sport is feature-packed and has some fascinating qualities. I’m going to discuss them all here to help decide whether or not it’s the right board for you.

So read on. 

Pros and Cons of the iRocker Sport Paddle Board

What I Like
  • Great speed and maneuverability: I was impressed by the speed and maneuverablity of this board, in different conditions.It’s easy to control and handles well even when the water is choppy
  • All-inclusive iSUP package: The SUP comes with a full, premium package (so you get everything you need right out of the box) and the included accessories are good quality.  
  • Lots of attachment points: I love that there are a lot of attachment points on the deck for lashing down your gear, or even for attaching other stuff like the optional iRocker kayak seat
  • Solid and durable board: This board feels solid and durable, and it feels like can handle anything (which is what I want from a touring board). The triple-layer construction combined with the three-year warranty makes me confident that it will last.
  • Super rigid: I also have to commend the solid feel of the iRocker Sport, as well as it’s build quality. It feels stiff and rigid, and can support up to 385 pounds
What I Don’t Like
  • May not be stable enough for beginners: While the iRocker Sport is a good board that handles well, it might not be suitable for beginners – so this is something to be aware of. 

Paddle Board Specs

  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 31”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 385 lbs

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Who Is the iRocker Sport 11 Best for?

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The iRocker Sport is ideal for the paddler who is ready to move on from wide all-around SUPs. 

This iRocker paddle board is like an all-around and touring hybrid paddle board. It’s on the narrower side and requires a higher level of balancing skills. It may not be suitable for beginners but intermediate paddlers will appreciate the performance. 

You might love the iRocker Sport if you’re ready to venture into more “serious” types of SUP like racing. It challenges your balancing skills and they will come in handy when you decide to get a racing SUP–which is even narrower. 

With this paddle board, you can also move on from calm lake paddling to more challenging conditions. 

If you’re looking to have more thrilling paddling sessions, you should check it out. 

Features of the iRocker Sport Inflatable Paddle Board


Is the iRocker Sport 11 as fast and maneuverable as the manufacturer claims? Here is a breakdown of its paddle boarding performance. 

Fairly Stable

The iRocker Sport is not designed for beginners or activities that require stability, like yoga. It’s meant for adventurous intermediate SUPers and its stability reflects that. The board is not too wide at 31 inches so it’s fairly stable

You won’t have a problem staying balanced. Some newbies, especially taller and heavier ones, may find it slightly tippy. 

Stiffness is another factor that contributes to the stability of the iRocker Sport SUP. It’s built using tough military-grade materials, resulting in a super rigid board when fully inflated. It doesn’t bend and wobble under your feet. 

I’d say that the stability of the iRocker Sport inflatable board is decent and what you would expect from a SUP of that width. It is not as stable as an all-around beginner board but it’s also not as tippy as a narrower racing or touring board.  

Easy to Control 

The iRocker Sport 11 may be long but it is surprisingly maneuverable

I found the board pretty responsive, and it handles well – even in choppy water. Usually, long SUPs can be hard to control, especially when making quick sharp turns. The iRocker Sport won’t give you any trouble at all. It even has a raised pad at the back which greatly improves maneuverability. 

Remarkable Tracking

The iRocker Sport inflatable SUP board is marketed as a performance paddle board and it delivers when it comes to tracking. The board tracks really well and does a great job of traveling in a straight line (although your paddling technique plays a huge part too). 

The length helps a lot, as do the fins. Without fins, a SUP’s tail can easily be pushed to the side by the water during a paddle stroke, taking the entire board off the path. 

Amazing Speed

If you have an all-around SUP (or have paddled one), you will notice the speed difference with the iRocker Sport. It’s actually the fastest of all iRocker paddle boards.

You will love how it picks up and maintains speed. It’s fast enough for a touring all-around hybrid and it’s suitable for all kinds of SUP touring trips. 

This is not to say that it’s the fastest inflatable board out there. But it is remarkably fast and balances speed and stability

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Build Quality

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The iRocker Sport 11 is built using triple-layer military-grade PVC material and a dropstitch core. The previous paddle board (Sport 2019) featured a quad-layer construction. This new technology results in a board that is still as durable but lighter. 

One of the reasons why people love inflatable paddle boards is because they are portable. So it’s also important that they are lightweight and this one weighs 25 pounds. 

The iRocker Sport feels sturdy and durable. The triple-layer construction gives you confidence when exploring, so it’s good to know that your paddle board can handle anything that comes its way. The board bounces off obstacles and won’t get easily dented or punctured. 

Previously, the iRocker line of boards, including the Sport, came with a two-year warranty. Now you get a three-year warranty, which is one of the best warranty periods in the industry. This goes to show that they stand behind their products.

This three-layer construction also makes the iRocker Sport rigid. If you have paddled some of the cheaper single-layer iSUPs you may have experienced flex and you know how annoying it is. The Sport is pretty solid, as long as you inflate it well. It can support up to 385 pounds


The iRocker Sport’s design went through some changes in 2020. It has a “sportier” look that is a little different from the other iRocker inflatable SUPs’ designs. It’s available in three colors: grey, teal, and blue/white. 

The Sport is 11 feet long and 31 inches wide with a narrow tail–a shape that minimizes drag and enhances speed. It also has a raised pad at the back which improves maneuverability. You will enjoy doing all kinds of SUP tricks with this one. 

iRocker Sport Board Features

Like the other iRocker models, the Sport has tons of features that allow you to customize your SUP. 

Three-Fin System

The iRocker Sport inflatable comes with three flip-lock nylon removable fins: a center fin and two side fins. 

All the fins are removable, something that many paddlers (including myself) love. You can fold your paddle board into a more compact package without the fins. You’ll also be able to change the fin setup depending on the place you’ll be paddling.

The fins help with tracking, maneuverability, and stability.

Soft, Grippy Two-Piece Deck Pad

This iRocker SUP board has a large deck pad that extends all the way past the inflation valve. As of 2020, the Sport has a break in the deck pad–so it’s a two-piece. 

The EVA pad is soft and amazing for long-distance SUP tours. It offers a comfortable surface for your feet and prevents fatigue. Plus, it’s pet-friendly too!

It also offers traction so you won’t slip when the deck is wet. 

Multiple Carry Handles

The Sport stand up paddle board features three carry handles: at the front, center, and rear. They make it easy enough to carry the SUP when it’s fully inflated (though it would be nice to have couple more to help with picking the board up out of the water, for instance).

In addition to the grab handles, the iRocker Sport 11 has two safety handles at the front. If you ever decide to bring a child on your adventures they can hold on to the handles. 

D-Rings and Action Mounts

The Sport 11 paddle board makes a good touring board, and not just because of its performance. 

It comes with four multi-use action mounts for all kinds of accessories including fishing rod holders, cameras, and speakers. You can make your paddle boarding trip so much fun. 

There are 20 D-rings for attaching other stuff like the optional iRocker kayak seat. You can secure your dry bag or deck bag using the bungee storage at the front too. 

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Paddle Board Accessories: What Is Included in the iRocker Sport iSUP Package?

As already mentioned, I love the iRocker Sport paddle board package. It comes with a paddle, backpack, hand pump, leash, and a repair kit. 

irocker sport 11 e

The full carbon matte paddle has a nylon blade and is adjustable 72 inches to 86 inches. It feels light and paddles efficiently. You can also convert it into a dual-blade kayak paddle, using an extra kayak paddle blade. This is great for if you want to add a seat and convert to kayaking instead of paddling every now and then. 

The premium wheel bag has padded, highly supportive straps which made it much more comfortable carrying this SUP over longer distances. It has an extra bungee strap and pockets that are really useful for organizing gear. 

The dual-chamber triple-action pump comes with an integrated pressure gauge. While this is  faster and easier to use compared to a single-chamber pump, you still might want to get the optional electric pump though. It saves a lot of time and effort, believe me! 

The leash feels nice and comfortable against your skin, thanks to the neoprene padding. It is well-made and comes with a key pocket in the ankle strap, so there’s no chance of accidentally losing your keys! 

Optional iRocker Sport Accessories

What you get in your iRocker Sport 11 package is everything you need to go paddling right away. However, there are many other accessories that you can get from iRocker to customize your paddle board. 

They include:

  • iRocker electric pump
  • Kayak conversion kit (kayak seat and kayak blade)
  • iRocker electric air pump battery
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Cup holder
  • Backpack cooler
  • SUP carry strap
  • Cell phone holder
  • Anchor kit
  • Sand spear combo
  • Roto-molded cooler
  • GoPro mount
  • Fishing rod holder
  • Fishing rack

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What Users Are Saying About the iRocker Sport 11 Paddle Board

As usual, I searched the internet to see what other paddlers think about the iRocker Sport based on their experience. 

Here’s what I found. 

On Reddit, this user was torn between the iRocker Sport and the iRocker All Around 11. He wanted a fast and maneuverable SUP, like the Sport, but was worried about its stability. He wanted other paddlers to weigh in.

soundslike_808 replies saying he owns the iRocker Sport. He has used it in different conditions and he loves its speed. 

Many people seem to agree that the iRocker Sport 11 has great speed but some beginners may find it tippy. 

Another user, named Marcus, had been renting paddle boards for a short while before he decided to buy one. He settled on the iRocker Sport inflatable and, according to him, the speed is remarkable. It glides smoothly. He says it’s not the most stable SUP board and he took an unplanned swim the first time using it! He still loves it though (and that’s what matters, really).

Ivy was looking for a fast board so she could keep up with her kids and she wasn’t disappointed. She loves how fast the iRocker Sport 11 is. Her only complaint is the position of the action mounts. She says it hurts when she accidentally steps on them barefoot. 


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iRocker Sport Alternatives

The iRocker Sport 11 and the iRocker All Around are similar in many ways and sometimes people can’t decide between the two. 

Here is how they compare. 

iRocker Sport Vs iRocker All Around 11

irocker all around 11 2021 paddle board Pin

The iRocker All Around is 11 feet long and 32 inches wide. It weighs 26 pounds and can hold up to 435 pounds. 

irocker all around 11 2021 model beginner paddle board

As you can see, the SUP is wider and has a higher weight capacity compared to the iRocker Sport 11. It’s more stable, but you’ll find that the Sport glides faster (I did, anyway). 

The construction of the two boards is the same and they all come with a three-year warranty. They also feature the same accessories in the package–including carbon shaft paddles and premium wheeled paddle board bags.  

The All Around 11 is available in six different colors while you only get three color options with the Sport. 

Both inflatable paddle boards come with 20 D-rings and four action mounts. The All Around 11 features two bungee storage areas; at the front and rear. The Sport only has one at the front. The All Around 11 also has four safety handles while the Sport has two. 

The kick pad feature is only available on the Sport 11, and so is the two-piece deck pad.

The All Around 11 would be ideal for the paddler who wants a little more stability. People who like to carry a lot of gear and an extra passenger might also appreciate the higher weight capacity. 

If you want a faster and more maneuverable paddle board and don’t mind less stability, you should consider the iRocker Sport. 

Wrapping Up

The iRocker Sport inflatable paddle board promises performance, and it delivers. It’s fast and easy to control in any condition. In fact, the board is such a joy to paddle and you can practice all kinds of SUP tricks and techniques. 

The Sport paddle board package comes with everything you’ll need to start paddling right away. The accessories are premium quality and, for what you pay, I think it’s a fantastic deal.

Don’t hesitate to check the iRocker Sport out, especially if you’re an intermediate paddler looking to refine your SUP skills.

Happy paddling!

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