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How Much Does an Inflatable Paddle Board Cost?

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How much does an inflatable paddle board cost?

When first getting into stand up paddle boarding, an inflatable paddle board seems like the better option. Compared to solid paddleboards, inflatable paddle boards cost less.

At least that is what most people will tell you.

But less is not an amount. And what is affordable for one person may be expensive for another. Besides, you want to have a specific figure or a price range, especially if you are on a budget.

So here is the answer you are looking for.

Key Takeaways

  • Inflatable SUP prices range from $200 to $2500. Some, especially multi-person iSUPs, can cost as much as $3500.
  • Almost all inflatable boards come as a bundle that includes a paddle, SUP bag, pump, and leash.
  • The difference between a $250 and a $2000 iSUP is the quality of construction and included accessories.
  • Lower-end ($300 – $500) paddle boards are often of low quality and are okay for lightweight paddle boarding beginners.
  • Mid-range inflatable SUPs ($500 – $1000) can be great value for money while high-end stand up paddle boards ($1000 – $2000+) are fancy with some of the best accessories.

What do Inflatable Paddle Boards Cost?

Inflatable SUP prices range from $200 to $2500. Multi-person paddle boards can even go up to $3500. This may come as a surprise to someone who thought that an inflatable paddle board is supposed to be dirt cheap.

What is the difference between a $250 and a $2000 iSUP?

Low-End Inflatable Paddle Boards

These are iSUPs that cost somewhere between $200 to $400. If you look hard enough you can even find one for less than $200. Everyone knows that cheap is often expensive. And buying a stand up paddle board in this price range is risky.

Understand that for manufacturers to offer these prices, they have to cut down the production cost. They do this by using low-quality materials or making smaller paddle boards.

Inflatable paddle boards in this price range usually have a single- or dual-layer PVC.

Note: all iSUPs are made using Dropstitch construction. The Dropstitch layers are not airtight so a PVC layer is applied on top. It can be a single layer or multi-layer.

Paddle boards with a single layer don’t have impressive stiffness. After using them a few times, you may notice that they start bending in the middle. But they are super light.

Most inflatable paddleboards typically come with accessories. You get a bag, paddle, pump, etc. And if the bundle is cheap, then you know the paddle board accessories are low quality.

Low-end paddleboards are suitable for kids and beginners.

Mid-Range Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

This is the sweet spot. There are many nice paddleboards in this price range. Read this article about some of the best inflatable paddle board options in this price range.

While most low-end iSUPs are all-around paddleboards, here you will find a stand up paddle board for any kind of SUP. There are good touring, yoga, fishing iSUPs, racing boards, and multi-rider boards.

Many of the well-known brands fall under this category— think Atoll, Isle Surf & SUP and Thurso. So you know you will get value for your money.

You can expect decent accessories too. On the lower end of this range, inflatable SUPs may come with a fiberglass paddle, which is not bad. As the price goes higher, maybe from $600, you can get paddles with a carbon shaft. These are lightweight and they float.

However, you still have to be careful. A higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Not every $800 iSUPs is a quality board or right for you. If you are buying online, check the reviews. See whether customers are complaining about seams coming apart, colors fading or anything else.

Also, check the warranty. Longer warranties are always a good sign.

High-End Paddleboards

The price range here is from $1000 to $2000+. You get what you pay for and you probably won’t have anything to complain about (except a dent in your wallet). Manufacturers use their fancy iSUPs to show off. Their main selling point is usually the technology used to make them.

The boards are extremely rigid and can be easily mistaken for hard paddle boards.

The designs are cool and graphics will not begin to come out after a few seasons. Included accessories are amazing. You will get a carbon fiber paddle, which is the best.

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How Much Should You Spend on an Inflatable Paddle Board?

That is your decision to make. For kids and complete newbies, lower-end iSUPs will do, you don’t have to spend a crazy amount.

If you are an experienced paddler who loves the sport, buy a mid-range stand up paddle board. It will last longer and perform better.

The high-end iSUPs are for paddlers who are obsessed with the sport and have that kind of money.

So, How Much Do Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Cost?

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Inflatable SUP boards cost anywhere from $200 to over $2000. The price depends on the quality of materials used.

Lower-end ($300 – $500) paddle boards are often of low quality and are okay for lightweight paddle boarding beginners. Mid-range inflatable SUPs ($500 – $1000) offer great value for money. High-end stand up paddle boards ($1000 – $2000+) are nice if you have the money.

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