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6 Reasons Why Paddleboarding Is A Good Workout

sup boarding workout

There is a lot of hype about stand up paddleboarding. People and blog posts have nothing but good things to say about it. Although stand up paddle boarding is relatively new, this water sport has become the fastest growing in the US. But is paddleboarding a good workout? The answer is a definite “yes.”

While sitting on the shore watching people paddle board, it may look effortless – but wait until you get on a board yourself. Your arms, legs, and core will feel it. Stand up paddleboarding is one of the best exercises for people of all ages and body sizes. Here is why.

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Key Takeaways

  • Stand up paddleboarding is one of the best exercises for people of all ages and body sizes.
  • It burns more calories than most dry-land activities.
  • SUP is an excellent full-body workout and it engages almost every muscle in your body.
  • Stand up paddleboarding is a low-impact exercise that’s gentle on your joints.
  • SUP is easily accessible and easy to learn too!

1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding Burns More Calories Than Most Sports

Getting rid of extra weight and burning fat has never been easy. More often than not, it involves pushing yourselves through exercises that are nothing but strenuous. The definition of a great workout should be one that helps you burn many calories without torturing yourself too much. Paddle boarding fits this description perfectly.

Though SUP does not look intense from a distance, the amount of calories in an hour you burn on that board is insane. It burns more calories than most dry-land activities. As a beginner still trying to master standup paddling, you will burn an average of 305-430 calories an hour, doing it leisurely. When you get comfortable enough to include SUP yoga, you will be losing 416-540 calories an hour—in addition to peace of mind and spirit.

When you finally earn the pro title and can combine paddling with intense SUP surfing, catching waves and probably participate in races, you will be shedding 615-1,125 calories every hour! Don’t forget, SUPing is a fun activity; so you can smile while working out intensely, for once in your life.

2. Stand Up Paddleboarding Works Many Muscles

While you are trying to balance, paddle, or do whatever on your board, numerous muscles are put into use even without you noticing. While balancing on the paddle board, which is the most crucial part of SUPing, your core muscles are fully utilized. This means that the core will be engaged the entire time you are in the water, hence building core strength. The legs are firmly planted on the board to reinforce the stability of your center of gravity. Therefore, the muscles on the lower part of your body are taken care of.

As you paddle to propel yourself forward, your arms and shoulder muscles and your entire back are put to good use. If you are keen while paddling, you will realize that even your fingers, toes and neck have work to do. And so does your brain. No part is left out. SUP is an excellent full body workout.

3. SUP Boarding Is Not Hard On Your Body

A killer workout does not have to kill you and your will to live altogether—which goes for most workouts. Exercises like lifting weights, running, playing tennis are not very forgiving. Stand up paddleboarding is a low impact exercise. The chances of you damaging your tendons and ligaments or hurting yourself are much lower than with most activities. Moreover, paddleboarding is recommended for athletes who are rehabilitating from injuries.

4. SUP Boarding Has Numerous Health Benefits

One of the biggest health benefits of paddle boarding of all is that this workout is safe for you. Another benefit is that SUP helps to get your heart rate up. This enhances your cardiovascular health. Cardio fitness, in turn, translates to a generally healthy body. If you regularly participate in this sport, you are less likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack because your heart is in good shape.

Due to the high number of calories consumed during SUPing, the chances of suffering overweight related problems such joint problems and diabetes are also much less. More days in the water will mean a fitter version of you.

Being out in the water helps the mind and body to relax. Your emotional and mental wellbeing will be greatly enhanced just by participating in this, seemingly simple, sport. You will literally feel the claws of stress lose their grip on you once get into a rhythm.

A day or more in the sun helps to boost your Vitamin D levels. Finally, stand up paddling facilitates the healing of muscles for people who have had injuries.

5. SUP Boarding Is Not Restrictive

This is probably why stand up paddleboarding is currently the fastest growing sport. First, it is not only for the youthful, athletic people filled with energy. Anyone can do it; from children to senior citizens. Smaller kids and dogs can also tag along and sit on the board. It offers various intensities to accommodate people of all calibers. You can choose to paddle gently on flat, calm waters or go straight for the big waves—whatever you are comfortable with. At the end of it all, you will have burned enough calories to make yourself proud.

Secondly, you do not have to live near the ocean. A lake, river or canal will serve you just fine. Unlike a canoe or kayak, a paddle board is light and portable, especially the inflatable ones which makes things easier.

Stand up paddle boarding is not only a summer sport. That’s right; SUPing during winter is a thing. Most outdoor sports are greatly influenced by the weather. Lucky for everyone, SUP is not one of them. As long as you take all the necessary precautions, winter paddling could end up in your “favorites” list.


6. SUP Boarding Is Easy To Master

All you need to do is learn to balance, which is a piece of cake. From there, everything else will come easily. The gear may be a bit costly, but that should not stop you. You can always rent one cheaply before you invest in yours.

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Stand up paddleboarding is a good workout, no doubt.

It is an amazing workout for you and all members of the family. It helps you burn more calories in an hour than you would with many sports. All your muscles are put into use and your cardiovascular health is enhanced which makes you fitter and healthier.

There are hardly any restrictions on this workout, and the only thing that may hinder you is yourself.