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The Best Extra Wide Paddle Boards of 2024

wide paddle board featured 2021

You can do a lot with your paddle board. That is the beauty of stand up paddle boarding. Some activities like yoga, paddling with family, and fishing require extra stability. This means getting a wider, more stable board – which is what I’ll be taking a look at in this article. 

gili meno paddle board

Out of all the boards considered for this review, I was most impressed by the Gili Meno. It is a premium model from one of the most respected SUP companies, Gili Sports. The Meno comes in two lengths: 10’6 and 11’6 and is one of the widest paddle boards available.

I love how stable the Gili Meno feels. It holds up well with a lot of gear, or more than one rider. You don’t have to worry about ending up in the water while fishing or paddling with a restless child or pet. 

Speaking of fishing, Gili decided to be quite generous with attachment points. The Meno comes with seven multi-use action mounts and 17 D-rings. It is compatible with rod holders, cup holders, and more. 

In addition to the attachment points, the Meno is 35″ wide and has a weight capacity of up to 485 pounds. This is one of the best inflatable paddle boards you can get. 

There is so much to love about the Gili Meno and I’d recommend it to anyone. But if you’re still not convinced, read on for more, as well as some different options!

Best Wide Paddle Board for Yoga – Bluefin Aura Fit

bluefin aura fit

Stand up paddle board yoga is a fantastic exercise for your mind and body. 

However, using a small,  floating vessel as your yoga mat can be challenging. The Bluefin Aura Fit offers a stable platform to combat this issue. You can comfortably practice your SUP fitness routine without falling in every other minute. 

One thing that stood out for me is the clear deck. This inflatable SUP doesn’t have a center carry handle or tons of gear mounts. It is perfect for yoga and pilates. 

You can expect the Bluefin Aura Fit to serve you for years. It is built with military-grade construction and comes with a five-year warranty. 

Best Budget Wide Paddle Board – Gili Komodo

gili komodo

If the Gili Meno is out of your price range, the Gili Komodo is an amazing alternative. I love Gili paddle boards, as do many other paddlers. 

The Komodo is 10’6 long and 33” wide. Its stability is impressive—great for yoga, beginners, and paddling with a child or pet. 

This may be a budget option but it is not cheaply made. It is built using triple-layer fusion technology. It is super durable but only weighs 21 pounds. 

Fitness enthusiasts will love the full-length deck pad on this inflatable board. 

The Best Wide Paddle Boards compared

Wide Paddle Boards
1. Gili Meno
10’6 x 35″ x 6″
11’6 x 35″ x 6″
23 lbs
24 lbs
450 lbs
485 lbs
2. Bluefin Aura Fit
10’8 x 35.8″ x 6″
352 lbs
3. Gili Komodo
10’6 x 33″ x 6″
21 lbs
340 lbs
4. Blackfin X
10’6 x 35″ x 6″
27 lbs
450 lbs
5. iRocker Cruiser 10’6
10’6 x 33″ x 6″
26 lbs
400 lbs

The Best Wide Stand Up Paddle Boards

Let’s take a look at the most stable, wide paddle boards currently on the market. 

1. Gili Meno – Best Most Stable Wide Paddle Board

gili meno yoga paddle board

The Gili Meno inflatable SUP is the best, most stable board on this list. I love its versatility as it allows you to explore different SUP activities. 

It features dual-layer fusion laminated PVC construction and a carbon fiber rail. The rigidity is remarkable. This paddle board has a weight limit of 450 pounds and 485 pounds, depending on the board size you choose. 

The Meno is available in two sizes: 10’6 and 11’6. Both stand up paddle boards are 35 inches wide.

Advanced riders can exceed up to 500 pounds. So anyone can use this SUP regardless of their body weight. You can also invite a friend for a ride.

Adventurous paddlers will love having five action mounts, bungee storage, and extra D-rings. It would make a good SUP camping and SUP fishing board.

The Gili Meno iSUP package includes a carbon-fiber paddle, dual-chamber hand pump, rolling backpack, fin kit, and a leash. The fin kit consists of a race fin, speed center fin, shallow center fin, and snap-in side fins. 

If you paddle in different conditions, you can easily change the setup.

The Gili Meno would be another amazing option for paddlers looking to find a super stable and versatile SUP. 

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2. Bluefin Aura Fit – Best Wide Paddle Board for Yoga


How about a wide paddle board designed specifically for SUP fitness?

This inflatable stand up paddle board is built using extremely tough materials. It features 1000D exo-surface laminate PVC and pro weave dropstitch. The construction results in a board so rigid it can be inflated up to 28 psi. It comes with a five-year warranty.

Being a fitness paddle board, I love that the manufacturer made the deck clear. Unlike most SUP boards, the Bluefin Aura Fit doesn’t have a center handle. It has four grab handles—one at the nose, another at the tail, and two at the sides. 

There is a bungee storage area at the front and an action camera mount.

The Bluefin Aura Fit is 10’8 long and 35.8” wide with a wide rounded nose and tail. A paddle board’s size and shape can tell you a bit about its performance. This one is built for stability and it delivers. 

The iSUP package includes a waterproof phone case, fiberglass paddle, backpack, leash, and dual-action pump. 

It is only available in one color.

You should consider the Bluefin Aura Fit if you are into SUP fitness. It is designed for you. It also works for all-around paddle boarding.

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3. Gili Komodo – Best Budget Wide Paddle Board

gili komodo

Enjoy unmatched stability on a budget with the Gili Komodo

This inflatable SUP is 10’6 long and 33” wide. Although it is wide and stable, it will still glide well in different conditions. It is responsive and easy to handle for people of all sizes and skill levels. 

The Gili Komodo comes with all the basic accessories in the package. You’ll get a fiberglass paddle, backpack, dual-stage hand pump, and a coiled leash. 

The fiberglass paddle is expected, given what this SUP costs. But when buying the board you can choose to have a carbon fiber paddle in your package. It will cost more though. 

This inflatable stand up paddle board is built using triple-layer fusion construction. It is tough and durable but 20% lighter than similar models. It weighs 21 pounds and has a weight limit of 340 pounds. Advanced riders may exceed the limit.

The board has bungee storage at the front and rear, an action mount, and extra D-rings. It also features a full-length deck pad and a built-in paddle holder—perfect for yoga. 

If you want a paddle board that is stable, versatile but not too wide, you should check out the Gili Komodo. 

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4. Blackfin Model X Inflatable Paddle Board

blackfin x 2021

The Blackfin X is a yoga board but it can do much more than that. 

This inflatable paddle board has two bungee storage areas, at the front and rear. It features 20 D-rings and eight action mounts. You’ll never have to complain about not having enough attachment points for your gear. 

It is good for fishing or SUP camping where you have to carry a lot of stuff on your board. 

In addition to three grab handles, the Blackfin X has four safety handles. If you bring a child, they will have something to hold on to. 

It has a large traction pad that is comfortable for all riders, including kids and pets.

The triple-layer composite PVC construction and carbon rails result in a super rigid board that can support up to 450 pounds. 

The iRocker Blackfin offers one of the best iSUP packages you can get. It includes a carbon shaft paddle, wheeled backpack, coiled leash, triple-action hand pump, and a repair kit. 

It is available in six beautiful colors.

The Model X would be a great option if you’re looking for a stable and versatile SUP. It is suitable for angling, yoga, paddling with family, or just leisure cruising. 

5. iRocker Cruiser 10’6 

irocker cruiser 2021

iRocker is a very popular SUP brand. It is not surprising because they make some of the best inflatable paddle boards. 

The iRocker Cruiser is made using triple-layer military-grade PVC and dropstitch construction. When inflated it can support up to 400 pounds and it only weighs 25 pounds.

It is 10’6 long and 33” wide, just like the Komodo. It offers a nice stable platform for beginners to learn. It’s not tippy so they won’t spend more time in the water than on the board. 

The iRocker Cruiser has 20 D-rings, bungee storage, and four multi-use action mounts. You can bring all the stuff you need for a family picnic or a fun day at the water. If you’re riding with your kids, they will have safety handles to hold onto as well. 

You can get the Cruiser in seven gorgeous colors. 

Its package includes a carbon shaft paddle, triple-action manual pump, roller bag, coiled leash, and a repair kit. 

This iSUP would be great for paddlers who want versatility. It is good for beginners, families, and SUP adventures. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Most Stable Paddle Board

Wide stand up paddle boards come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. If you are looking for a wide, stable SUP, you can’t just pick the widest one you see first. 

Here is all the information you need to buy a wide paddle board that is right for you.  

Who Needs an Extra Stable Wide Stand Up Paddle Board?

Wide SUP boards are more stable. They are best for anglers, beginners, heavier paddlers, yoga enthusiasts, and paddlers who bring a lot of gear. If you like to paddle with your child or pet, you will also love having a wide, stable board. 

Other paddlers may enjoy bringing multiple friends along. If that is you, a multi-person or party SUP may be more suited.  

Downsides of a Wide SUP

Wide paddle boards are slow. They face more resistance and don’t glide as well as narrower ones. 

If you are thinking about SUP racing then a wide board is not for you. 

Wide stand up paddle boards are also not the best for people on the smaller side. It will be hard for you to paddle properly and make the SUP go straight. 

What Makes a Stand Up Paddle Board Stable?

1. Width

Width is the biggest determinant of a paddle board’s stability. You may have noticed that all the inflatables discussed above are 33 inches wide, or more! 

Narrower boards tend to be tippy.

2. Construction Quality 

This mainly applies to inflatable paddle boards. 

Well-made iSUPs are very stiff when inflated to the recommended air pressure. Cheaply made boards may flex or bend, making them unstable. This is why the construction quality of the paddle board matters!

3. Volume and Thickness

Board thickness and volume play a part when it comes to stability. Thicker paddle boards have more volume, are more rigid, and will have a higher weight capacity.  

4. Shape of the Paddle Board

You should pay attention to the shape and general profile of a SUP. Paddle boards with a wider nose and tail will be more stable in almost all water conditions.

5. Fins

Fins don’t affect the stability of your paddle board that much, but they do help. Having a large center fin and two side fins will improve the general stability of your SUP. 

6. Length

A longer paddle board will be more stable than a shorter SUP of the same width. But longer SUPs can be hard to maneuver. A length of 10’6 to 11’6 is just right for all-around paddling. 

The Best Most Stable Wide Paddle Boards FAQs

What Is the Widest Paddle Board?

The Body Glove Crusader is probably the widest paddle board at the moment, with a width of 66 inches. It is designed for multiple riders.

From the list above, the widest SUP is the Bluefin Aura Fit. It is 35.8 inches wide.

How Wide Should a Paddle Board Be?

This depends on what you want to use it for. Generally, anything from 32 inches to 35 inches would be fine for all-around paddle boarding.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have found a wide paddle board that you like. 

The Gili Meno is my number one choice. It is exceptionally stable and comes with tons of gear attachment options. You can bring so many items on your trips.

The Bluefin Aura Fit is wide, with a clear deck. It is great for SUP yoga, pilates, and leisure paddling.

The Gili Komodo is a fantastic option for people on a budget. It is affordable, yet stable and durable.

Don’t hesitate to check them out. 

Happy paddling!

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