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Stand Up Paddle Board Tester and Reviewer

Job Summary:

Stand Up Paddle Boards Review is seeking a reliable and experienced SUP enthusiast to join our team as a stand up paddle board tester and reviewer. 

We run a large website all about paddle boarding – and a large part of our content involves providing in-depth reviews of different paddle board models. To help take our content to the next level, we need someone who can physically test various boards, take photos, and provide in-depth written accounts of their findings.

If you’re a paddle boarder with enough knowledge about paddle boarding to be able to test paddle boards and write a review – then we want to hear from you! 

You don’t necessarily need to be a SUP expert, but you at least need to be confident enough to figure out the pros and cons of a particular board and write a review to advise our readers on what makes a particular board great (or not so great).

This role would suit a student based around the city of Leeuwarden, perhaps studying a subject in the marketing/communications or writing/journalism sector. This opportunity will give you a chance to earn some real-world credentials writing and working for a high-traffic website in the outdoors and sporting niche. Plus, you’ll get to have fun paddling some of the latest boards too!

However, if you’ve never been on a paddle board, then this role probably isn’t for you. 

You will be responsible for evaluating the performance, durability, and overall quality of the paddle boards and providing detailed written reviews of your findings.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Thoroughly test boards and equipment on the canals and lakes around Leeuwarden, Netherlands (boards will be provided).
  • Take thorough notes and high-quality photos of the products
  • Write in-depth reviews of those products, summarizing your findings
  • You’ll be required to compile your thoughts and observations about each paddle board into a written review, mentioning key criteria such as the board’s stability, handling, portability, thoughts on design or included accessories etc
  • We help with providing benchmarks and criteria for testing the boards, but you will be responsible for translating your findings into helpful written information
  • You’ll be required to not only take plenty of photos, but you’ll also need to be OK with being featured in the photos, too (we need action shots of the boards being tested) 

Skills, attributes, and qualifications:

  • You must be able to write well, at a native English level
  • A passion for paddle boarding with experience and knowledge of various models and brands (you don’t need to be an expert yet, but you do need to be able to write about paddle boarding in an expert way)
  • A detail-oriented personality with strong analytical skills. Able to translate deep insights about a paddle board (and paddling it) into a quality written review that readers can understand easily. 
  • Strong writing skills. You need to be able to highlight your findings and present them in the form of product review articles
  • Experience with copywriting could be advantageous here (as you’ll need to be able to explain how a board’s features translate into benefits for the paddler)
  • Ability to work independently, meet deadlines and manage your own schedule.

What we offer:

  • Compensation: € 15 – 20 per hour (depending on your experience)
  • You’ll be provided with a wetsuit, and access to the latest paddle boards
  • Part-time role, with flexible working hours

If you are a paddle boarder with a passion for testing and reviewing the latest boards, or if you’re a student looking to gain experience in content marketing, communication, and writing for the web – then we encourage you to apply. 

If you feel you’re fit for this role, click the button to apply: 

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