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Bote Breeze Aero Review (2024)

bote breeze aero sup board

This is a review of the Bote Breeze Aero inflatable paddle board. 

bote breeze aero sup

The Breeze Aero stand up paddle board is one of the lightest and most stable boards around. Bote is a big name in the paddle boarding world. We were excited to test the Bote Breeze and see what it has to offer. 

The Bote inflatable board is 33 inches wide and you can get it in two sizes, 10’8 and 11’6. We love that it provides options, not just in terms of size but also colors and the iSUP package.

The Breeze Aero has a large platform designed for stability. We can confirm that it delivers in that area; it feels pretty solid and stable. It’s  the kind of board you’ll want to have when paddling with a kid who won’t sit still. We would also recommend it for SUP beginners. 

Made using Bote’s Aero technology, the Breeze only weighs 20 lbs (10’8) and 22 lbs (11’6). It is lighter than most inflatable paddle boards of the same size and would be great for paddlers who like to travel or hike with their boards. 

The Breeze has many unique and remarkable features, so make sure you read on to discover why we recommend this paddle board, and what features make it worth your consideration. 

Pros and Cons of the Bote Breeze Aero 

What I Like
  • Very stable, great for beginners and people paddling with a child or dog
  • Durable construction, rigid and comes with a two-year warranty
  • Lightweight, easy to transport even for smaller paddlers
  • Beautiful design, amazing color options
What I Don’t Like
  • Low weight capacity compared to similar models, but still great for most paddlers

Paddle Board Specs

  • Length: 10’8/11’6
  • Width: 33”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 20 lbs/22 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs/315 lbs

Who Is the Bote Breeze Aero Paddle Board For?


You should consider the Breeze Aero if you are a first-timer looking for your first paddle board. Or if you would like to paddle with a child or pet. Intermediate and advanced paddlers in the market for a secondary all-around SUP would also love it. 

The Bote Breeze is super stable which makes it a great paddle board for newbies. Learning stand up paddle boarding is fairly easy, but  an unstable SUP board will give you a hard time. 

This inflatable paddle board is 10’8/11’6 long and 33” wide. It is perfect for learning and you will have a good time doing it. 

In addition to being an entry-level inflatable board, the Breeze Aero is also ideal for family paddling. You can bring your child or dog onboard and let them enjoy the outdoors too. It has a quality foam deck pad that offers a soft, forgiving surface and is  stable enough for an extra small passenger. 

If you are in the market for an all-around board, you should check out the Bote Breeze Aero. You can use it for different SUP activities, including yoga and relaxed cruising at the lake. 

The Breeze Aero inflatable performs well on flat water. It can handle some chop and small wave surfing as well. 

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Features and benefits of the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board


What should you expect when you take the Bote Breeze out to the water? 

a. Wide and Stable 

Stability is very important, especially for a board that is advertised as family-friendly and good for beginners. 

The Bote Aero is 33 inches wide. We didn’t find it tippy at all. Both the 10’8 and the 11’6 boards are exceptionally stable. But you get more volume and a larger platform with the 11’6 SUP. It is more suited for paddlers on the bigger side. 

We love that the Breeze Aero has a wide nose and tail. Usually, when you have a kid or furry friend on board, they sit at the nose. If they are having fun you can expect them to move a lot. This nose shape enhances stability so you both won’t end up taking a swim. 

b. Rigid Feel

Many people may not know this but the construction of an inflatable can affect its stability. Imagine trying to maintain balance on a board that is not rigid. It bends, more so if you are on the heavier side, making your ride unpleasant and unstable. 

We’ve had this problem with some super cheap models. But we found the Bote Aero to be a solid board. It actually feels like a traditional hard board when fully inflated. 

c. Great Maneuverability

Regardless of how stable a paddle board is, you won’t have fun if you can’t control it. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with the Bote Breeze Aero. 

Both boards, the long and short Breeze, are easy to handle for paddlers of all sizes and skill levels. You won’t have a problem performing different SUP tricks, both simple and complex. 

As expected, the 10’8 Breeze Aero is slightly more maneuverable. We would recommend it for those on the smaller side. 

The Breeze Aero is light, responsive, and has a three-fin setup–all traits that help with maneuverability. We have absolutely no complaints here. 

d. Easy Tracking

Tracking refers to the ability of a stand up paddle board to travel in a straight line. 

The large center fin on the Bote Breeze prevents the tail from spinning when you push water back during a paddle stroke. We are happy with the way the Aero tracks. 

Other than the fin setup, the length of a SUP board also affects its tracking. So it is no surprise that the 11’6 Aero performs slightly better in this area than the 10’8 Aero. 

They are both amazing though. As long as you have mastered the proper paddling technique you won’t be zigzagging all over the place. 

e. Speedy Despite its Width

These Bote boards, the long and short model, are not racing inflatable paddle boards. We didn’t expect them to glide like one. 

The Bote Breeze Aero is 33 inches wide. Width promotes stability but it hinders speed because of resistance. 

However, we were still impressed. It glides well and we love how it maintains speed.   

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Build Quality

The Bote Breeze Aero is built using Bote’s AeroUltra technology. This construction makes the paddle board super rigid and durable while still maintaining a lighter weight. 

You won’t find many boards this size that are 20 pounds. 

People love inflatable paddle boards because they are portable. You can go pretty much anywhere with your Breeze Aero, so it’s  perfect for those who consider themselves adventurous. 

Traveling across the country by plane? No problem. Hiking to find a nice secluded paddling spot? Why not! 

The Breeze is one of the lightest inflatable SUPs, no doubt. While this is a good thing when transporting it, you may be wondering about the quality. 

But you don’t have to. The construction technology results in a board that is 20% lighter but still rugged. It comes with a 30-day guarantee and a two-year warranty. You are assured of quality and durability. 

When fully inflated, the Bote boards can hold up to 250 pounds (10’8 Aero) and 315 pounds (11’6 Aero). If you are on the heavier side you will be better off with the bigger model. 

This SUP board is sturdy and doesn’t flex–something that many people fear when it comes to inflatables. 



Now, the design is one of our favorite things about the Bote Breeze Aero. It is a great board for people who are tired of plain boring designs. 

You have three color design options: native floral jaws, native eclipse, and classic teak. The board with the floral pattern is drop-dead gorgeous. You’ll definitely be getting compliments and glances from other paddlers. 

The native eclipse color is cool and beautiful while the classic teak has an authentic wood appearance. 

A Closer Look at the Bote Breeze Inflatable Board 

a. Three Fin Setup


Fins help with stability, maneuverability, and tracking. 

The Bote Breeze has a three-fin setup: one large center fin and two side fins. 

The center fin is removable while the side fins are fixed. One advantage of having fixed fins is that they won’t get easily lost. 

However, removable fins allow you to customize the setup. The board also folds nice and compact without fins. 

We prefer removable fins. 

b. Soft, Grippy Deck Pad


The deck pad is meant to keep you comfortable and minimize fatigue, especially when you have to be on the water for hours. It also prevents you from slipping and can act as a yoga mat. 

The Bote Breeze Aero foam deck pad is soft and grippy. It is pet- and child-friendly too. 

c. Three Grab Handles

Even though inflatable boards are lightweight, carrying a fully inflated one can be a challenge. That is why you need carry handles. 

The Aero Breeze inflatable paddle board has three grab handles: at the center, rear, and front. 

d. Six D-Rings

We love D-rings on a SUP board because they allow us to attach a kayak seat and other accessories. The Bote Aero has six D-rings at the front with a bungee cord attached. 

Unfortunately, they don’t include extra D-rings. We hope that Bote will consider adding more D-rings and maybe one or two gear mounts. 

Paddle Board Accessories: What Comes with the Breeze Aero?

bote breeze aero Pin

There is a basic package, which is affordable. It includes a paddle, repair kit, hand pump, and a travel backpack. 

The three-piece fiberglass paddle is light and efficient–but not as good as a carbon paddle. It is what you would expect for the price.

If you plan on upgrading, make sure your next paddle is a carbon one. Carbon paddles are lighter and paddle more efficiently with minimum effort. 

The bag is heavy-duty and large enough to fit your board and accessories. It is also comfortable to carry. 

The pump is great but manually inflating your SUP can be a workout. You should consider upgrading to an electric pump after a while, especially if you have to inflate multiple SUPs. 

You can have a leash, belt PFD, and a carry sling in your package at a cost.

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What Users Are Saying About the Bote Breeze Paddle Board

We love the Bote Breeze Aero and we wanted to see if other paddlers love it as well. So we scoured the internet and this is what we found. 

This paddler was looking to buy his first paddle board. He was interested in a certain Bote model and he was wondering whether the brand is as good as people say. 

Many people commented saying how much they love their Bote boards. 

mcarneybsa replies saying that they bought Breeze boards for their rental some years back. They are still going strong regardless of heavy use. 


On a different post, chambee comments saying that he owns the Bote Breeze Aero and that it is a great board. 


Someone couldn’t decide between the Bote Aero Breeze and another popular SUP, so they wanted other paddlers to weigh in. 

A few people commented saying that they love Bote boards, based on their experience

a_dOnkey explained that he has been using his Bote Breeze every weekend for about a year and it’s still holding up well:


Another paddler also couldn’t decide whether to buy the Bote Breeze Aero or an equally popular model. 

sofa_king_nice replies saying that he has the 11’6 Bote Aero and it is long-lasting. His wife is smaller and she has the 10’8 Breeze Aero. 



The Bote Breeze Aero is Stephanie’s first paddle board. As a beginner, she loves its stability and how easy it is to handle. She also commends its gorgeous design. 

Joe says that he gets tons of compliments on his Breeze Aero. He does not regret buying it. According to him, Bote has excellent customer service and the board exceeded his expectations. He can’t stop recommending it to anyone who’ll listen!

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Final Thoughts 

The Bote Breeze Aero is a fantastic inflatable paddle board. It is lightweight, beautiful, rigid, and durable. Its stability and performance make it a great board for beginners, families, and anyone who is in the market for an all-around SUP.

There are some improvements that we’d like to see, as we’ve mentioned in the review. But, generally, we are happy with what it offers, and we think you will be too. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask us below. Happy paddling!

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