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The 11 Best Apps for SUP Reviewed

Best Apps for SUP

For many paddlers, SUP is an opportunity to put the phone away and unplug. But SUP apps are here to change the way you enjoy your paddling experience. With a fantastic app, your SUP adventures could be much more thrilling– and safer. 

These apps for SUPers are meant to help you monitor your progress, which is very useful if you have set fitness goals. Others let you know what the weather will be like. These weather apps give you all the details that may affect you out in the water. There are also safety apps that could potentially save you in an emergency.

So, here we discuss the best apps for SUP available today, their unique features, and costs.

1. Paddle Logger


Even paddlers deserve to have their own fitness trackers, don’t you think? David Walker thought it was a good idea and so he created Paddle Logger. This awesome app is designed for iOS users. Hopefully, it will soon be made available for Android as well. 

The best thing about Paddle Logger is that it can be used by SUPers of all skill levels. It is simple and user-friendly but very efficient at the same time. It lets you track the time you take to paddle from one point to another.

Paddle Logger has a start button that you press for the tracking to begin. And you don’t have to hold your phone in your hand until you reach your starting point. The app has a Delayed Start button. Press the start button, set the delay time, and put your phone in a waterproof case. When the set time is up, it will start tracking. 

Every trip that you record on Paddle Logger comes with a detailed logbook. It has a notes section, photo gallery, and a map. 

You can access the logbook whenever you want to check and compare your performance. 

Going by the reviews, getting the Pro version is worth it. It has tons of amazing features, one of them being the PaddleLIVE service. It keeps you connected to family and friends the entire time.

Price: Free, Pro from $6.99; visit their website.

2. Geo SUP


Designed for iOS users, the Geo SUP app is the ultimate paddler’s app. The user experience is commendable. It is one of the easiest apps to use here. 

Tap Record once you start paddling and the app will do the rest. It tracks the time taken, your highest speed, average speed, wind speed, your course, etc. After the session, tap to stop.

Once you are back home and settled, you can check and analyze the data then put it on your paddle profile.

There’s a SUP community within the app. Feel free to share with them all about your adventure and follow fellow SUPers. You get to see where they paddle and discover new fantastic spots. 

Price: $4.99; visit their website.

3. RiverApp


If you like river paddling, RiverApp offers you a safer way of doing it. It lets you know what to expect in terms of river levels. 

The app contains water level information for roughly 15000 rivers. Other than the water levels, you can see the temperatures and flows.

There is a premium version but it doesn’t come with many special features. You can get most of what you need from the free version. 

Some people are complaining that the app starts crushing once they update their phones. Hopefully, the developer will fix this soon. 

Price: Free, Premium from $9.99; visit their website.

4. Windy


This app used to be called Windyty. It claims to be a professional wind app trusted by storm chasers, pilots, governments, and pretty much everyone else. 

While most apps will tell you to pay for a premium version or ads elimination, Windy is free. And you won’t be bothered by ads. They present the data in a simple yet detailed manner. It also allows you to make a few customizations; which is awesome. 

Other impeccable features include over 40 world languages, 40+ global weather maps, and a lot more. 

Price: Free; visit their website.

5. GPS Tracks


Tracking your standup paddleboarding coordinates doesn’t have to be an uphill task. GPS Tracks provides a built-in compass and lets you draw a line from coordinate to coordinate. This gives you the exact distance to the destination and the time that the trip will take. 

You can add waypoints and favorite locations and sync with various methods. Also, feel free to send your locations to any GPS app you like such as Google, TomTom, Navigon, or Maps. 

All excellent SUP apps have the option of sharing your adventures with friends, and GPS Tracks is no different. It allows you to post your statistics on Facebook and Twitter as well as iCloud syncing. 

The app has an Apple watch version for those days when you do not feel like using your phone in the water. GPS Tracks is not available for Android users. 

Price: $3.99; visit their website.


6. WindAlert

Real-time alerts on wind speed and direction may save your life.

The WindAlert app is the best when it comes to accurate wind forecasting. It is free and works on both Android and iOS.

WindAlert has access to more than 50,000 wind stations. It will give you reliable wind updates (local and global). 

The app lets you set up and save wind profiles. You also receive wind updates via texts. 

Price: Free, upgrades from $3.99; visit their website.

7. Go Paddling


Previously known as Launch Sites, Go Paddling is here to help you find the most amazing SUP spots. It is the perfect app if you are tired of paddling the same lake or river. 

The app is designed by paddling.com. With over 25,000 SUP destinations, all you have to do is download it and start browsing. 

Paddlers share their experiences by leaving comments. These are similar to reviews because they let you know what the location is like.

They can also add new locations and update existing ones. This means that you’ll never run out of new places to go explore. And this is not even the best part.

Go paddling is completely free and available for both Android and iOS users.

Price: Free; visit their website.


8. Paddling Magazine App

Would you like to keep up with everything that is happening in the paddling world? Then you will love the Paddling Magazine app. 

It brings you all the news relevant to watersports. It features new trends, personalities, and any issues that may affect you as a paddler.

This is where you will find out all about new cool gear and hot SUP tips.

Additionally, they feature breathtaking pictures that will inspire you to get on your SUP. 

Price: $11.99 for 1-year subscription; visit their website.

9. NOAA Weather Radar


You do not want to be out in the water, clueless about the weather condition. The NOAA Weather Radar is an iOS and Android app. It offers real-time weather information. 

The animated radar imaging gives you a clear insight into the weather condition. You will get 24-hour and 7-day weather forecasts—clear and clean. 

Some of its other amazing features include location saving, satellite imaging, and much more. This is an app you can rely on for accurate weather information. 

Price: Free, Premium from $4.99 a month

10. MotionX


MotionX by Fullpower Technologies is a leading GPS app for iOS users. You get numerous outstanding features that you can barely get elsewhere. 

MotionX lets you track your routes anywhere in the world with its live roadmaps. It has Satellite, Apple Road, and Hybrid maps. It offers you nine map choices to choose from. 

You get to record your tracks and save up to 101 of them for reference. This fantastic app also allows you to see your track in real-time with Direction UP, Track Up or North Up. If you would like to follow the track later, you’ll easily retrace it. 

With MotionX, you can assess your goals by recording distance, time, and speed. Even better, it offers altitude graphs and live speed. To top it all up, you can take a geotagged photo and share it to make your friends a little jealous. 

Do you have a favorite SUP location? Create personal waypoints in the app, up to 500.  

You also have the option of sharing your waypoints and tracks to social media platforms. 

Price: $0.99; visit their website.

11. Runtastic


This is one simple yet useful app that keeps you on your toes when it comes to fitness. Runtastic is not just exclusive to paddling but can be used for many other fitness activities. It is available for iOS and Android. 

It requires you to manually add SUP as your activity because the option does not come with the app. From there, you can check your progress by recording your paddling distance, the calories you have burned, duration, etc. Runtastic has GPS functionality to keep track of your location. 

You can share your performance with other SUPers via social media too.

Price: Free, Premium from $9.99 a month; visit their website.


Are you open to using any of these apps?

They may not seem necessary at first. But you can see from their features that they can come in handy.

The GPS tracking apps help you keep track of your routes and sessions. The safety apps are essential for any paddleboarder, pro or not. Somebody should be able to find you if something happens. The fitness apps let you know whether you are getting somewhere. The weather SUP apps inform you of the condition to prepare for.  

Do you use any SUP apps or have we missed your favorite app? Share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. I love Paddle Logger and have used it a couple years. My old iPhone had a bad GPS (sensor?) piece in it, so it didnt work for me (no fault of Paddle Logger) until i got a new phone. Worked great ever since. I use it for my bike ride every day at lunch, walks and of course paddling. It is much more meaningful since the tracking shows up on satellite map when youre done.