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SUP Scout: The New Era of Stand Up Paddle Boarding Begins

Today marks a significant milestone in the world of water sports as the renowned Stand Up Paddle Boards Review transitions into its new identity, SUP Scout. Founded in 2016, the platform has evolved to become a leader in providing comprehensive advice, tips, and in-depth reviews for paddle boarding enthusiasts​​​​.

David De Haan, the founder of SUP Scout, shares, “Our journey started under the name Stand Up Paddle Boards Review, aiming to simplify paddle boarding for beginners. As the sport gained popularity, our platform naturally grew, becoming a trusted source for hundreds of thousands of paddle boarders globally. Today, as SUP Scout, we reaffirm our commitment to making paddle boarding accessible and enjoyable for all.”

SUP Scout continues to embody the spirit and mission of its predecessor by focusing on paddling techniques, safety, and suitable equipment for various users, including children. The website features hands-on reviews, how-to articles, and guides meticulously crafted by an international team of outdoor enthusiasts from the USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This diverse team brings a global perspective to paddle boarding, combining personal experiences with extensive research and interactions with industry experts​​.

The rebranding to SUP Scout is more than just a name change. It represents a renewed dedication to editorial integrity, unbiased opinions, and honest reviews. Each board reviewed is thoroughly tested by the team, ensuring reliable and trustworthy recommendations for the community. SUP Scout maintains its editorial independence, prioritizing honesty over profit, even with affiliate marketing​​.

David De Haan concludes, “As SUP Scout, we look forward to continuing our journey, helping paddle boarders worldwide embrace the joy and serenity of stand-up paddle boarding. Join us as we navigate this exciting new chapter.”